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Ostrich Syndrome

Ngee says… Ostrich is a very popular African bird that runs very fast but cannot fly. They are known for hiding their face in the sand when they sense danger coming, believing if they cannot see the danger then they are safe. Many couples run their marriage like the Ostrich

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Ngee says… Divorce can happen to anyone We begin the second month of the year- February, popularly called the love month. As we celebrate our love for one another; have you realized that love seems not enough to keep some marriages going in and out of season? The question I

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Progress not Perfection!

Ngee says… This new year 2020, will you permit me to give you a simple advice that can make a difference in your journey? ‘Progress not perfection should be your mantra!’ Many of us are focused on perfection – 10/10, that we neglect to see the little changes or growth

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Made for More

Ngee says… I remember a story about a young man who wanted to really be rich. So, he met with the richest man in his town. The rich man agreed to meet him at his fishing spot. The young man asked him what the secret behind his wealth was; he

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You are the greatest, unique piece of art ever created and do not let anyone tell you otherwise. Life might have taken you through some painful detours but that does not reduce the uniqueness of who you are! The world might have told you that you are not enough; just

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Financial Goals

Ngee says… Hubby and I are on our way to ‘face to face with shine’ – Gift Chukwu; where we will be sharing on ‘ behavioural pattern and financial issues in marriage’. Most couples shy away from discussing their financial goals as individuals, couples and even as a family. Couples

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Ngee says… Last week was our wedding anniversary and as it is our custom for the past 7years, we separate ourselves for 3 – 4 days for our annual vision retreat. Every company/organization usually set out time to plan the next year and look at how they failed or succeeded

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Darling Daughter

As I sit here today, knowing that in the next 18 months you will be preparing to enter the university and also live your own way, I am scared to let you out of our safety net called family cum home; yet I am grateful I still have 18 months

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