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Love is a lifestyle

Every year couples celebrate valentine. I see a lot of people working hard to do something exceptional for one and another; husband, wife, children, and parents. But if the only time you take out to do something truly special for one another is during valentine and birthdays, then you have

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Bearing Each Other’s Yoke.

It’s time for our weekly conversation cum teaching, and our topic is *”Bearing Each Other’s Yoke”. If you have been married for more than 1 year you will notice that marriage has a lot of responsibilities that we discover along the way. This responsibilities can be called yoke/burdens. Every successful

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Take care of yourself

Take Care of Yourself

The death rate in just these two weeks is becoming alarming! This has led to us looking at creating awareness and encouraging everyone to ” take care of yourself.” It’s okay to set goals and plan forward, but we all must learn to also set goals for periods of rest.

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Hello beautiful ladies, how are we all doing? The year is running to an end and I believe we are all gearing up to finish the year well. Today, we will be discussing about ‘redefining beauty’ this topic is so dear to me that I had to bring it here

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Kissing, an expression of love


I remember years ago, a staff member of mine said to me “See how you are kissing your husband. It’s only boyfriend and girlfriend that should exhibit such affection publicly”. I retorted immediately. “Isn’t kissing an expression of love?” This got me thinking. When did the thief (boyfriend and girlfriend)

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I am an igbo nigerian

???? ????????

I’m sitting and pondering how we got here as a nation, when the fight for fairness, justice and competence had turned around to become a tribal warfare. I am an Igbo Nigerian from the 371 tribes/ethnic groups, and we are identified collectively as Nigerians. Government has never really provided for

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Years ago we got into a financial rot and the more we saved, the more we got deeper into the rot. Then we began to pray and search for information about our problem, till we got a clear understanding of the place of stretching forth in helping others achieve their

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I have watched and listened to many couples complain about lack of respect from their spouse, but when given the opportunity to dig deeper; we usually realize that the problem is a lack of self-respect for oneself which extends to how others (especially close) associates treat us. What is self-respect?

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Examine yourself

Examine Yourself

Have you examined yourself? Few days ago I was in the banking hall, and a customer was demanding for his money. Unfortunately the banks were not paying. He got so upset that he literally poured a drink on the counter and splashed it on us all. I was so furious

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