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Ngee says… My siblings have always believed that I was Dad’s favourite; but till date, I never understood why. For when you are someone’s favourite, it should come with certain privileges. This got me pondering about the possibility of being God’s favourite and all the difference it makes. When someone

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Kindness is relative!

Our wedding anniversary comes up on the 30th of October and yesterday we had a heart-to-heart talk till early hours of the morning. We asked ourselves questions like – are we still on the same page, areas that we need to work on more, etc; but one that stood out

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You are your greatest enemy

You are your greatest enemy!

Recently, we began watching Squid game as a family. The first episode began with a game called green light,red light. The rules of the game were given and people were eliminated when they broke the rules. It dawned on me as I watched that indeed it is our inability to

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The essence of forgiveness.

Many stories have been shared about the power of forgiveness. One that sticks to mind is the story of the carpenter’s son named Jesus who died 2,000 years ago. While being hung on the cross, he prayed for those who were crucifying Him and forgave them. (Luke 23:34) Another story

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