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Couples Hangout NURSE ACCOUNTANT Break the routine! Couples dress up
and go on a date with other couples.
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Woman & Marriage NURSE ACCOUNTANT This is an interactive platform that teaches on things
that uplift women and build up their marriages.
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What is LoveSkool all about? NURSE ACCOUNTANT LoveSkool is for singles that are interested in laying a good foundation
by breaking negative attachments, before embarking on their
pre-marital class
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F.I.D.E.L.I.T.Y Movement NURSE ACCOUNTANT Fidelity movement is an online couple’s forum where practical
interventions are discussed towards maximizing the potentials
of the Man and the Woman in marriage.
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KMAI Empowerment NURSE ACCOUNTANT This is for the less privileged families
who have chosen to stay together
despite having nothing .
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Family Alive Boot (FAB) Camp NURSE ACCOUNTANT This is a 3 day Family vacation in an exquisite environment. Where we intentionally bond
and build Family values that strengthen the nation.
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Our Shop NURSE ACCOUNTANT Buy our book in different formats. Shop Now KMAI(formerly KMA) Anniversary/Awards NURSE ACCOUNTANT This is a biennial event; whose goal is to create awareness of the importance
of Values and habits in building strong individuals, marriages, families and society
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5th Avenue, H1 Close, House 4, Festac Town, Lagos, Nigeria.

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Mon – Fri : 9:00am – 5:00pm

Support Keeping Marriage Alive Initiative
Keeping Marriage Alive Initiative

Who we are

Our Initiative is concerned about family well-being and we make impact on the society through initiatives such as:

  • Marriage Counselling
  • Couples and Family Hangouts
  • Seminars and Empowerment Programs

“…that caters to the needs in marriages, families and society.”

To be the foremost habit organisation that provides practical solutions for building strong, healthy marriages and families in Africa and beyond.

Creating awareness of the role of man and woman in building and restructuring the family system, with the intent to build a safe environment for all individuals(mother, father and children) to thrive.

    • To provide practical solutions for clients via online or physical counselling.
    • Provide resources such as blogs, videos, workshops and counselling sessions.
    • Create a nurturing environment for clients, counsellors and employees.
    • Affiliate and collaborate with communities with likeminded goals.


A – Always stand for the truth
L – Love is service and it is our watch word
I – Intimacy begins with knowledge therefore, we will daily search for knowledge and solutions
V – Verifying is the catalyst for growth, this is why we welcome all feedbacks.
E – Empathy is an everyday attitude in our organisation.

A must read!

2 Sides Of The Story

This is a handbook on relationships especially marriage. It’s a workbook for: Singles who need insight into what marriage is all about. Engaged couples who want to be better prepared for the institution of marriage. All married couples who believe that their marriage is an integral part of their success story. No matter where you are in marriage this book is a must have! …

A must watch!

Intensive Habit Workshop

Aristotle once said, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is not an act but a habit”. These three key habits – Communication, Choices, and Commitment, will determine how far and enriching your life and business will be.

We always have goodies for you

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Couples Virtual Roundtable.
1 May
08.00 AMVirtual (Zoom)

Couples Virtual Roundtable

12 May
02.00 PMNairobi, Kenya


KMAI Children Theatre Troupe
1 May
12.00 PMFestac Town, Lagos

KMAI Children Theatre Troupe

Salvation and Your Marriage

Discover the role that Salvation has to play in your Marriage.

Fuel your Marriage

Discover how to put the spark back into your marriage.

Counselling Services

Discover our counselling Services and help put that flame in your marriage.

Marriage Devotionals

Discover the “Keeping Marriage Alive” Devotional by Ngee & Rich.

Relationship Clinic

Join this event series to get more out of your relationship.

KMA Initiative Awards

Discover more about the Keeping Marriage Alive Initiative Awards.

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