2 sides of the Story book/ Facebook live

This is a handbook on relationships especially marriage.

It’s a workbook for:

  • Singles who need insight into what marriage is all about.
  • Engaged couples who want to be better prepared for the institution of marriage.
  • All married couples who believe that their marriage is an integral part of their success story.

No matter where you are in marriage this book is a must have!

STAB (Stop The Abuse)

Stab is an intervention method to purposely address both victims (the abuse and the abuser). This intervention is for six (6) weeks; intertwined with personal, group and couple counseling. Sponsors are assigned to every couple for a year and for longer where needed. For those who are willing to reconcile we introduce habits and accountability patterns to walk them through.

Woman and Marriage

This is an interactive platform that teaches on things that uplift women and build up their marriages. It holds weekly online and physical meeting holds first Friday of every month in different centres.

Why do I need counseling?

When there is unresolved conflict. When all hope is lost and the only option coming to mind is divorce, you need to seek for godly counsel in the midst of the storm. We have private and group counseling sections handled by trained counselors and tailored to meet your needs.

What is Help International Conference?

This is an annual conference for both singles and married who need help in answering those tough questions concerning all areas of life.

What is LoveSkool all about?

LoveSkool is for singles that are interested in laying a good foundation for their homes, before embarking on their pre-marital class. It holds twice a year to help singles understand who they are and make a better choice in choosing a life partner.

KMA Anniversary and Awards

We believe Family is the DNA of society: In our Awards we celebrate the true heroes of our time, who in spite of the lowered standard of our society have chosen to take the “path less travelled” by living a life of faithfulness, love, integrity, humility, influence and the fear of God against all odds.

We celebrate;

  • Singles who have made positive impact in their work place and society.
  • Married couples with exemplary lifestyle.
  • Families that are united with right values and habits.
  • Organizations that support and encourage family values, bonding and growth.


It is a workshop that deals with habits; which when utilized properly leads to a more productive life, better relationship skills and a balanced life.


Fidelity walk is an online couple’s forum where practical interventions are discussed towards maximizing the potentials of the Man and the Woman in marriage. F.I.D.E.L.I.T.Y is an acronym for habits required for a successful life cum marriage – Friendship, Insight, Discipline, Expression, Loving, Integrity, Team-work and Yardstick.

We host a FIDELITY walk round cities every February sensitizing the communities about the power of habits in building ourselves, marriage, family and community.

Family Alive Boot Camp

It is a yearly weekend affair Friday – Sunday, held during Easter holidays. It’s an intentional boot camp in an exotic location where parents bond with their children through various games, workshops, teachings and team play.