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Financial Goals

Ngee says… Hubby and I are on our way to ‘face to face with shine’ – Gift Chukwu; where we will be sharing on ‘ behavioural pattern and financial issues in marriage’. Most couples shy away from discussing their financial goals as individuals, couples and even as a family. Couples

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Ngee says… Last week was our wedding anniversary and as it is our custom for the past 7years, we separate ourselves for 3 – 4 days for our annual vision retreat. Every company/organization usually set out time to plan the next year and look at how they failed or succeeded

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Darling Daughter

As I sit here today, knowing that in the next 18 months you will be preparing to enter the university and also live your own way, I am scared to let you out of our safety net called family cum home; yet I am grateful I still have 18 months

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The root cause of divorce…

Ngee says… The divorce rate is so high these days that it’s becoming alarming. From my current marriage data, 1 out of 2 couples (50%) want a divorce, while 95 couples out of 100 couples (95%) have thought of divorce at least once, myself inclusive. Being a voracious reader and

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Family Pattern 2

Ngee says… Today, the family pattern story continues. Hope you read family pattern 1 Make sure to go through it, for it will help you in understanding today’s blog. There is a story of a man- passionate for Christ but was getting tired and burning out because of situations

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Family Pattern – Part 1

Ngee says… Have you heard this story before? A king loved women so much that he killed a loyal servant and friend, just to bed the man’s wife. This led to the king losing his child, another child of his raped his sister (incest), his 1st son raped his (the

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Brokenness and Intimacy

Brokenness & Intimacy

Ngee says… A dear friend came to visit us (hubby and I), and during our discussion, he asked a pertinent question – “why is there a high rate of issues and divorce in marriage?” I replied with these words – “Brokenness: intimacy requires a level of brokenness and most people

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Ngee says… Hi friend, did you read our last week blog – This is a continuation and we believe it will bring a full understanding of what keeps a couple happy or unhappy in marriage. As Nelson Mandela said “After climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are

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What do you see?

Ngee says… Yesterday as I was counselling, I shared how important perspective is and how it attracts the result we want. I shared with the counselee, the hurt and mistakes at the beginning of my marriage and some struggles even now. I said something to her that made the whole

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