Ngee says… Do not lose your voice for it is a crucial part of our fundamental human right. A while ago, I got into an argument with some of my in-laws. They had posed a fact that was not entirely true. I tried to speak up but even my husband was not in support. Then I remembered it was documented on my phone, I opened it and all was history.

As we celebrate 4 months (October 20th) of the new Nigeria, we should not forget that the difference between the old Nigeria and the new Nigeria is the power of our voice. The old Nigeria kept shut for peace and sold their fundamental rights. The new Nigeria has come to realize that silence is not necessarily peace nor progress. So they are learning to speak up! We are grateful for the new Nigeria that we are birthing. But we should not forget that the new Nigeria is dependent on our individual actions first before the collective actions/goals.

Rich says…

To stifle one’s voice is to rub the person of authority and stand in life. If this continues, it shall eventually affect the confidence and personality of the person.

In the families we come from, we actually have a responsibility to create an atmosphere where everybody’s voice is heard and considered.

So today, we want to point out few key points that are necessary, if our voice will be heard for good and for change:
  • Take a stand: Be well informed on what is going on in your environment and take a stand for what you believe. Remember your stand might not be popular.
  • Your voice, your authority: As parents, we should create an atmosphere where both mother, father, boy child and the girl child are heard. This is the most crucial part all families have to do. For our voice to be heard, it begins first in the family unit. Is the voice of every member of your family heard?
  • Disagreement is not insubordination: The African culture seems to portray elders and leaders as infallible but this is not true. We all are first and foremost humans. So we must make allowance for our leaders and elders but call them to order when necessary. This is crucial in developing the kind of government the family system and nation needs for development and growth.
  • Let the vision be clear: Every family should have a clear path and end they are working towards. This is crucial if we must move together in harmony. This is also very important as a nation. What is our common vision – does that appeal to all tribes and religion? How do we go about it? Do we have daily communication channels to sensitize the masses of this vision? Our family vision is on our wall and recited by we and our children.

As we welcome the new Nigeria, we should also prepare ourselves to be what the new Nigeria needs. Arise family! Arise people! Do not lose your voice again!

Ngee and Rich
(Dr. Richard and Ngozi Okonkwo)
Relationship Coach/Habit Instructors
Founders – Keeping Marriage Alive Initiative

“Will two people walk together unless they have agreed to do so?” Amos 3:3


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