Many of us are familiar with the word ‘Soro Soke’ – Speak louder. This means that change usually doesn’t happen unless we take some actions. One of these actions is the ability to speak your mind.

Many couples have gone through counselling with us and a common question usually arises from the women – must I speak all the time?
My reply is usually simple. Yes my dear! Your marriage succeeding is dependent on your continuous conversation with one another.

When communication is lost in any relationship, it dies. As it’s commonly said – “communication is the blood of every relationship especially marriage.

A relationship that allows one another speak their mind; is a relationship that has a future.

As wives, mothers and sisters, one of our major roles is to speak up!
– Speak up when things are going wrong.
– Speak again when you are not heard the first time.
– ‘Soro soke’, till your voice is heard.

Do you know that in order for my husband to understand me, I tried several means/methods of communication for seven years. It was like I was talking to deaf ears. Yet God was working quietly behind the scenes with those words of mine. I prayed, spoke and repeated the cycle again and again till hubby heard and the rest is history!

Whatever state your marriage is in, the way forward is to ‘Soro soke‘!

Speak in love till you are heard; for the sake of your marriage, the children and the future generation.

‘Soro Soke’!!


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(Mrs Ngozi Okonkwo)
Relationship Coach/Habit Instructor 
Convener – Woman and Marriage
Founder Keeping Marriage Alive Initiative.