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Show Up!

Show up!

I participated in Fela Durotoye’s 2 days virtual couples hangout and one word that resonated with me was Omoni Oboli’s parting shot – “stick to it, even if you no longer feel the love. After a while, sometimes years, you will find yourself in love again”. This resonated so much

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What is the cost of truth?

What is the cost of truth?

Beautiful ladies, it’s time for our weekly teaching and I will be sharing on ‘what is the cost of truth?’. I had just finished watching a particular episode of my popular series, where a young woman was raped severally but she decided to come forward not for herself but to

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Do not be bull headed

Don’t be bull headed!

Ngee says… A bull charges without thinking of anything that comes its way, especially if it comes in red! Many couples are like the bull charging over every single conversation or action by their spouse. So today we want to remind you ‘don’t be bull headed’, for the result might

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Love right

Love right!

To love right is a crucial part of our marriage journey. A while ago, I remember mouthing duties to hubby while rushing into my prayer cubicle. As I began to pray, I heard clearly; what was that? Then, a picture of my actions ran through my eyes. It dawned me

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5 months later...

Five months later…

This is exactly five months after the Lekki toll gate massacre. Many have gone back to living their daily lives. But many are not noticing that an agitation is brewing and if not managed, will bring regrettable consequences. The story of Nigeria is like the story of Nepal in 2015.

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What type of mother are you

What kind of mother are you?

We celebrated mothers on Sunday and hubby and I were privileged to minister at Destiny Christian Centre. We talked about four kinds of mother. Today, I will like to ask, what kind of mother are you? Who is a mother? According to different dictionary definitions – a mother is one

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I had a dream

Yesterday was mother’s day and we were guest ministers in Destiny Christian Centre and also visited my Mom. Hope we all spent time with the mothers in our lives? But this is not the reason for this post. I had a dream and after praying with hubby, I am led

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