On Saturday the 23rd July, 2022, after all the great plans for the loveskool; we had an emergency which nearly disrupted the event.
Despite the disruptions, we managed to scale through; and it serves to remind us of the loveskool theme, ???? ??????; where we have an expectation of love, till the reality suddenly hits us; and we have to navigate how to get to our desired expectation of love.
The ????????? ?????, which is Keeping Marriage Alive Initiative’s single arm, was quite interactive, and every activity was practical and tailored to suit the audience, as well as relate to the topic of the day.
The games were organised to emphasise the power of choice, temperaments and love languages in relationships.
We discussed the three steps of love; the first beginning with loving yourself, which can only be attained through the love of God.
The next step is loving your neighbor as yourself, finding value and setting healthy boundaries.
The last step is making a choice on who to go through the journey of life with.
The youths came dressed elegantly, with the intent to learn and be better equipped for relationships, as well as marriage; and they left with their hopes restored.
It was indeed an event that bettered each and every one of us who came.
Do enjoy the pictures below, as they speak for themselves.
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