This is exactly five months after the Lekki toll gate massacre. Many have gone back to living their daily lives. But many are not noticing that an agitation is brewing and if not managed, will bring regrettable consequences.

The story of Nigeria is like the story of Nepal in 2015. They had experienced signs of earthquake which usually had no serious effect. When they heard of the coming earthquake, they assumed it was as usual but boy were they wrong! More than 8million were affected, 2.8 million displaced, 16,800 injured and 9,000 dead according to Britannica.

Nigeria is in such a precipice right now! Actually, we have been at the verge of an explosion but many of us are insensitive or ignorant of the situation. The cost of this ignorant attitude might be too high for our nation to pay.

I in particular was ignorantly insensitive till I watched the Lekki toll gate live on October 2020. I had a good look at our nation and began to make conscious adjustments:

1) I am part of this nation, whether I like it or not.
2) To truly win, it has to be together.
3) How can I believe and safeguard the part of the nation I influence?
4) How can we work together to bring justice and fairness in order for peace to thrive?
5) How can I use my platform to create awareness and educate the people?

Yes it’s five months later and the change is slow and painful. But I still believe that the new Nigeria was birthed on that day, and we all have to come together to build the new Nigeria we want.

For those agitating for blood and war, please stop! We can find a better way! Have we forgotten so easily the civil war? Rwanda, Sudan, Ghana and others have found ways to manage their situations. Can’t we?

But a note of caution to our leaders; a cry for war is eminent and can only be stopped if the leaders begin to take responsibility for the atrocities happening in the nation. We need real leaders not slave masters. Leaders who are willing to fight for the good of the nation and not for their pocket.

I will leave you with my alma mater’s anthem (F.G.G.C Owerri)
‘Nigeria we all make thee a promise…
to build and not breakdown,
bury quarrels in the ground,
so that those who died may not have gone in vain’.

There is a new Nigeria; and we need forward thinking leaders.

Ngee (Mrs. Ngozi Okonkwo)
Relationship Coach/Habit Instructor
Founder Keeping Marriage Alive Initiative.


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