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Comfort Zone Syndrome; the death of your marriage!

Through our years of counselling two things stand out the most as the cause of separation and divorce; first and foremost is – UNMET EXPECTATIONS(to understand this, join us for this year’s KMA couples hangout Lagos – 2nd destructive pattern which we are discussing today is the comfort zone

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The gift of family

The gift of family!

NGEE SAYS…. Family is the DNA of society. It is the backbone of every community. Family consists of father, mother, children and extended family; which consists of father-in-law, mother-in-law, brother-in-law, sister-in-law. We are a product of the family we come from and acknowledging the good and bad of the family

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Break the Attachments!

NGEE SAYS… Attachment as defined by Merriam – Webster dictionary – strong feelings of affection or loyalty for someone or something. Many of us are so attached to certain things that it has destroyed or affected our lives negatively. Example of some negative attachment : 1) Taking selfies and counting

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Sex and Marriage


Ngee says… Someone once asked me to define marriage and how it works; and I simply answered – “if you understand the sex principle you will understand the marriage principle.” By popular demand, I will be sharing my understanding of marriage using the principle of sex. Let’s begin: 1) Attraction:

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Ngee says… Have you ever felt so broken in marriage,that all you want to do is walk away? Have you come to a place in marriage where you think that there is no “love lost” between the two of you? Are you of the opinion that love has failed you?

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Ngee says… I remember few years ago when hubby and i had just recovered from a near divorce. We identified areas in our marriage that needed work. One area that required urgent attention was our: Communication– which affected our bonding – and ultimately destroyed our ability to work as a

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Ngee says…I heard a story and i don’t know how true it is; but it left a lasting impression on me –It’s a story of the former president of USA Barrack Obama not attending a meeting because he had already scheduled time for his wife cum family. This brings us

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I learnt a crucial lesson on the price of ‘short cut’ beginning of this year. The lesson i learnt is what i want to share with you dear friend. Two years back, i realized i was having little rashes on my face. I asked around for the fastest way to

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We are sitting face -to– face with this couple and they share their experiences – 1 partner or sometimes the 2 of them are surprised at how they got to this place. This is common with 80% of couples or singles that comes for counseling. They talk about their situations

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It’s okay to be imperfect but to brag about our imperfections is a disease/dysfunction and can keep us permanently disabled. Everything on earth was created perfectly but to harness that perfection you and I have to continually upgrade by – learning new things, reading, networking, taking courses, seminars etc. A

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