Ngee says… I have come to realize that your reality is not usually the truth.

While growing up, we children discussed about our parents. Some children talked about how their parents were very close and went on vacations together. I usually assumed they were lying or pretending and would literally be chuckling because our home was filled with our parents fighting almost daily.

The day I began to realize that my reality was not the truth was when I met a young man who became my best friend in the university. Meeting his family members and seeing how they related opened my eyes to a different world.

Fast forward to today, a friend was watching a video where men believed that all women were money crazy and would date a man solely for his money. I confronted him and he began to argue with me.
This led to me asking him to look around him and see the truth; not the social media reality.

Rich says…

Your perspective is actually the stronghold that limits or propels your life.
Keep in mind that your perspective is based on your past experiences.

When I got married, the top priority for me, was a wife who could cook and clean the home. But overtime, I have come to realize that this could be contracted out as there are more important things in marriage like companionship, dreaming and building together.

Check your perspective!

Yes, there are a number of women that are money conscious but we also have a good number that are hardworking, contributors and pacesetters.


It is time we begin to question many ideologies in our lives:

  • Is marriage really bad?
  • Can love survive the test of time?
  • Are there good men who are faithful and love their wives?
  • Do we still have women who value, honor and respect their husbands?
  • Are all politicians bad?

Till we understand that our reality might not be the truth; we will continue to misjudge people and circumstances because of our present perspective of life.

Be warned dear friend!


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Ngee and Rich
(Dr. Richard and Ngozi Okonkwo)
Relationship Coach/Habit Instructors
Founders – Keeping Marriage Alive Initiative

“Will two people walk together unless they have agreed to do so?” Amos 3:3