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Ngee says Hello to everyone, reading this. How are you doing today? We are going to look at death vs. life. Why did we choose this topic? We have been doing exploits in the area of marriage in the work of our hands and so much more. Recently we started

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Dream versus Reality

We all have various dreams, for me; I use to wish I was born in Washington DC and had extremely rich parents; I can go on and on. But in reality I was born into a very average family, had to go through a lot of trials and hard times

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My Love My Baby

“Until you see that dream or person you love as though it where a baby that needs your tender, Sincere and undivided love and care- you have not done enough”. It takes the coming together of  two people (Man & Woman) to perform the act of reproduction; after the meeting,

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NGEE Says… Wow! The table talk on Saturday was awesome! The discussion was an eye opener and everyone including me and hubby left with something. But for those that missed it, you can watch on Youtube next weekend! Money is one of the biggest causes of separation, divorce & broken

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NGEE SAYS…….. Two months ago we taught on this topic in our help seminar.But on request we decided to write on it. Few years back, at the middle of the night, I got a text message from a lady (patient & friend of my hubby). In her text massage, she talked about

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Ngee Says…. …Then the Lord came down to see the city and the tower. The lord said, “These people all speak the same language. And I see that they are joined together to do this work. This is only the beginning of what they can do. Soon they will be

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Stumbling Blocks Or Role Models

Ngee says… Rich says.. Children are our real seeds, we can choose how we sow them, cultivate them & cause them to flourish intentionally. Don’t forget we reap what we sow! Your marriages are a reflection of us. Our marriage is the 1st reality our children see. Children at the young

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Communication Is Life..

Ngee says… Hello people! Hope you are having a grace filled week?  Hmm! When we decided to teach communication in our last HELP seminar, I and hubby had a good laugh at ourselves. I know you are wondering why? This is simply because any quarrel we’ve ever had in our

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