Keeping Marriage Alive Initiative (KMA) hosted its first combo event [Fidelity walk and Couples Hangout] for the year on the 11th and 12th February 2017 respectively.

DAY 1 #Fidelity Walk

Fidelity walk which was the 3rd edition, took place on the 11th of February 2017 in Amuwo Odofin Local Government Area, Lagos, Nigeria. The walk started from 2nd Rainbow [NNPC Filling station] and moved up into Mile 2 Housing Estate and eventually moved down and ended at the KMA Office – 1 Waheed Smith, Olive Estate, Opposite Apple Hall, Amuwo Odofin, Lagos, Nigeria.

The energetic and exciting walk hosted a number of youths and couples who danced to the wonderful songs mixed by the event DJ to create awareness the various environments. In collaboration with 3LF a drama group; KMA during and after the walk, passed pictorial messages [in drama] showing the audience the importance of friendship, communication and understanding each other’s side of the story.

The participants were divided into 3 groups and were given questions on Fidelity and Friendship to deliberate upon. After about 10 minutes, representatives from each groups took the stand to discuss and pass the groups conclusions to the rest of the audience.

The walk ended with conclusive summary by Rich – Dr Richard Okonkwo [Cofounder KMA] and closing remarks/take home points were given by Ngee- Mrs Ngozi Okonkwo [Cofounder KMA]. Mr Obiwanne a stakeholder to KMA was then called upon for the closing prayer as they bid the crowd farewell.

The pictures and short videos of the event were covered by Kristal Media and venue setting/decorations by Bloglow events.

DAY 2 #Couples Hangout

Fidelity walk rolled over to the 2nd day as Couples Hangout. KMA’s Couples Hangout held for the 1st time at Brighams Hotel. It was a gathering were couples came together to have fun and emphasize on the importance of Friendship in marriage as they did the previous day [Fidelity Walk].

The program started by 5.13pm with opening prayer and a brief description of Who we are [KMA] by – Rich – Dr Richard Okonkwo [Cofounder of KMA]. The evening event immediately moved on to introduction and an icebreaker game anchored by Mr Macaulay a stakeholder to KMA.

A discussion time was initiated and the participants had to be separated by gender [men separated from the women for the discussion. They discussed on what friendship meant to each group in marriage. After the deliberations, the program continued with both teams [men & women] giving their feedbacks on their group discussion.

Ngee- Mrs Ngozi Okonkwo [Cofounder KMA] buttressed on the topic and used the opportunity to teach on building friendship in marriage. She used basic/true life examples and experience to pass the message of what friendship could be or should be like in marriage.

The guests ordered for their meals and after eating, they shared their individual take home points as the program came to a close with closing prayer from Rich – Dr Richard Okonkwo.

Next Fidelity Walk/Couples Hangout comes up 17th and 18th of June 2017

Compiled by Philip Ekundayo
Administrator- Keeping Marriage Alive Initiative