The Leading Man (TLM) Conference 1.0 powered by Keeping Marriage Alive Initiative (KMAI) was held yesterday, 17th November 2023, to commemorate International Men’s Day.

The meeting began with a topical group study on what success means and the common denominators in achieving success. It was quite an enlightening session.

The cofounder of KMAI and co-convener of the TLM, Rich (Dr. Richard Okonkwo), talked about values and the true definition of a man. The summary of his teaching is captured in this quote “Man is called to lead, and this begins with the value he brings and his ability to make every position (son, father, husband, leader, etc)more valuable than he met it.”

The guest speaker, Mr. Theophilus Chinedu Nwobi, co-founder of Happify Humanity Project & Managing Director of Ultra Bliss Homes, demystified the training of the boy child through his topic; the heritage and legacy of the boy child.
His quote captures the essence of his teaching – “Fathers and men should pay attention to the child, especially the boy child. Teach your children consequential thinking.”

The communication session saw men sharing and looking deeply into who they were so they could become the fathers their children needed them to be.

Of course Keeping Marriage Alive Initiative cannot host a program without a segment for marriage discussions. The panelists for this session were Rich (Dr. Richard Okonkwo), Theophilus Nwobi, and Ngee (founder KMAI & covenener TLM).
The session was filled with insightful questions and answers that brought more clarity on vision, family system, and much more.

Many men left the session with the understanding of success in all fronts and strategies to achieve their desired goal.

Ngee left us with snippets that can be summarized with the quote “Every family member, especially the husband and the wife, should feel a sense of ownership in the home, and this begins with an agreed VISION.”

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