The Paint and Sip, Woman and Marriage event, powered by Keeping Marriage Alive Initiative (KMAI),that held on Wednesday, the 27th of September, was nothing short of a splendid experience!!!

It began with a “how are you?” session; where everyone shared how they were really feeling and their experiences amid the economy. A lot of life lessons were shared.

Afterwards, the painting and drinks commenced, creating a fun and relaxed atmosphere. We were taught how to use the paint and the brushes, with some help from Mr. Chris Omeruo. We all put our individual creativity into our paintings, which all turned out exceptionally beautiful!

Then, each participant had the chance to explain their artwork, adding a personal touch to the event. To each was a beautiful story being told by an interplay of colour, which in turn made the event a great show of different life perspectives.
As each woman explained their paintings and the reason behind the painting, beautiful memories were made. It was a major highlight of the event.

Finally, we all got dancing and taking pictures! We shared our lessons from the event, and before it came to a close, Vonne Organics gifted participants with organic creams and soaps. It was truly a day to remember; filled with creativity, connection, and good times!

For those who missed, don’t worry, we got you covered. Below are some pictures from the beautiful program.

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