Many Couples are living the shadow of their dream marriage; many have even quit the dream and no longer believe in marriage, yet some of us are living and working on our dream marriage!

No matter where you fit in, your dream marriage is possible and it begins with few deliberate/intentional actions –
1) Define your dream marriage:
As Couples, we both have an idea of the kind of marriage we want. This wants/ expectations should be brought to the knowledge of your spouse and vice versa.

2) Merging:
This 2nd phase is when we both begin to understand that our dream marriage is different from one another and we need to incorporate both dreams in such a way that none of us feels left out.

a) Husband’s dream marriage – a wife that cooks and likes frequent sex.

b) Wife’s dream marriage – a romantic husband that cares for me and helps out in the house.

c) Our dream marriage – husband helps out in the kitchen when wife is cooking. This fulfils the wife’s dream of a husband that helps out and the result is – she’s turned on and of course frequent sex is achieved.

Can you see the train of events and how putting one another 1st helped in achieving their dream?


Dreams come true; so certainly your dream marriage can come true provided you are ready to work it out.

Working with your spouse as a team with the sole aim of merging your dreams together and carving out the dream that is best for your marriage is the key.

3) Feedback: Marriage without feedback, is a marriage without a future.
The practice of feedbacks determine the quality of your marriage.

As hubby and I began to enjoy our marriage, we realized that to maintain and grow in love, feedbacks was the way forward.

Daily as we lie in bed, we talk about each other and how our day was, we also talk about our actions/inactions. If all was okay, then good. If something happened and one of us didn’t like it, we talk about it, listen to one another and take our lessons.

Some hurts are severe and might require several discussions before we heal and that’s still okay.

These feedbacks help you both to be the best version of yourself, that the marriage needs.

Dear friend are you living your dream marriage? If yes continue; and if not yet, it’s time to apply these basic principles above.

Ngee & Rich
Founders of Keeping Marriage Alive Initiative

“Will two people walk together unless they have agreed to do so?” Amos 3:3 (CEB).