Ngee says…

Someone once asked me to define marriage and how it works; and I simply answered – “if you understand the sex principle you will understand the marriage principle.”

By popular demand, I will be sharing my understanding of marriage using the principle of sex.

Let’s begin:

1) Attraction: Sex begins with attraction between man and woman.
So it is in marriage. Marriage begins with a desire or attraction to the other.

2) Communication: Communication is a vital part of every relationship. Usually the 3 kinds of communication (body language, words, tone) must take place between the 2 people and an agreement reached, for sex to take place.
So it is in marriage. Both husband and wife must come to an agreement on what both desire for their marriage if they want to enjoy their marriage.

3) Beauty in difference: The body of a man and a woman is quite different but complementary. When both bodies come together, it becomes a beautiful harmony cum symphony that brings the greatest pleasure.
As couples, we are uniquely different but when we come together with the intent to unify and achieve our goals/vision under the marriage umbrella; it becomes a beautiful piece/example of God’s love and teamwork in mankind.

Rich says…

To make sex and marriage work and to get the best out of them, the two people must be willing and participate actively.

4) Fulfilment: During sex both parties think of the other’s pleasure. Understanding that real ultimate pleasure is found in pleasing the other.
So it is in marriage; couples blossom in marriage when they make the other priority in their daily dealings.

5) Continuous: Both sex and marriage requires – continuous input of these 4 habits to achieve our desired goals.

Friend, will you take lessons from this and apply it to your sex life and marriage?

Ngee & Rich
Founders of Keeping Marriage Alive Initiative

“Will two people walk together unless they have agreed to do so?” Amos 3:3 (CEB).