Ngee says… Today we are looking at standing strong and what comes to my mind is a tree that has withstood intense pressure but yet did not break.

Imagine a hurricane and houses plummet down, yet one tree still stands after the storm.

Standing strong to me is simply to go through all that life throws at you in a season without giving up on your goal/dream and retaining your values. It is the ability to bend forward and not break.

Standing strong requires certain characteristics and they are:
  • Roots: trees that stand the test of time have one thing in common – deep sunken roots. Their roots are nearly as deep as their length seen outside. To stand strong as a person or as a couple, you will require strong roots. Roots are those things hidden that nurture you and are beneficial to the growth and goal of a person/couple. This root is simply prayer-learning to commune with your creator years before the crisis comes.
  • Sand and nutrients – these are your character/habits. Your character is usually not seen until one comes closer but they can make all the difference in your success story under crisis.
4 key basic nutrients (habits/character) that go a long way in building up one:
  • Timeliness – is a stitch in time saves nine scenario. Half a second can change the course of an accident. Respect and value your time.
  • Integrity – this is priceless. Money cannot buy a good name and when you are at par with counterparts, this might be all you need to make a difference.
  • Knowledgeknowledge of a thing – marriage/business/parenting and much more can and will make a difference. In everything, get knowledge and understanding – LEARN.
  • Stillness – many equate busyness as productivity but on the contrary; busyness can take you off course. The ability to be still for at least 10 minutes daily, will help you to clear your mind and refocus for the journey.
  • The Trunk – the trunk connects the branches. The trunks in your life are usually your parents, siblings, spouse and few friends that share common goals. These set of people help to steady you as you grow. They are vital in helping you actualize the intended goal or purpose of your life.
  • Branches – I simply call this the attitude test. Your branches are as strong as your attitude. Branches stretch out; so it is with your attitude of hope. They stretch out so that what you are searching for can come forth.

Rich says…

Standing strong is a must for everyone, because this world is for the strong. For you to stand strong, begins with a decision by you to start finding out what it takes and giving it all it requires. The higher you climb, the tougher it gets (it never gets easy). But you are built tougher by learning from the experiences. So buckle up; you are on the right path. Get tough and stand strong.

…Daniel 11:32b.

  • Fruits – This is the most sensitive part of all plants/trees. Fruit bearing trees have their seasons and when not pruned or harvested for others to use, can turn rotten.

So it is with us. A heart filled with gratitude bears fruit in all seasons and can share the little or much they have with others; thereby keeping the circle of life going in and out of season.

In my young life, I have been lame for 3 years, did not finish secondary school, but was able to take G.C.E. I graduated and had issues which kept me at home for another 3 years. I got married, struggled with miscarriage, had near death experiences and nearly got divorced. Yet I am still standing strong; simply because I sank my roots in prayer and every other thing fell into place.

Are you standing strong?

Culled from KMAI Anniversary/Awards 7.0 magazine. Click here to grab your e-copy now! Offer expires in 24 hours. 


Ngee and Rich 
(Dr Richard and Ngozi Okonkwo)
Relationship Coach/Habit Instructors
Founders – Keeping Marriage Alive Initiative

“Will two people walk together unless they have agreed to do so?” Amos 3:3 (CEB).


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