Few days ago, my brother came to share his ideas and ask for my help. This prompted me to reach out to certain people I would not have naturally reached out to. Making those calls, opened my eyes to see vast resources around me.

How could I have missed such vast resources?
Things I have been praying for were right before me, but I could not see them till I stretched out my hand of help to another.

So it was with David. He had lost his family and the entire army were angry with him because they lost their family too. He prayed and had a clear instruction to move and recover all.
But one problem arose; how? He moved with faith and on their way he met an Egyptian slave who was abandoned. He stopped to help him and the Egyptian became the resource he needed for his victory.

What are you praying for and about? What are you lacking in achieving the dream? Do help another today and see doors you never taught could open, begin to open for you.

Let us pray:

Lord, I thank you for the vast resources you have set around me. Please open my eyes to them in Jesus name, Amen!


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(Mrs. Ngozi Okonkwo)
Relationship Coach/Habit Instructor
Founder Keeping Marriage Alive Initiative.