Your Wellbeing

Your Wellbeing

Your health is primarily your responsibility and you must pay close attention to it. Drinking lots of fresh water, eating fruits and vegetables liberally is the starting point. Also eating small quantities of balanced meals frequently is ideal as it aids digestion while balancing our weight. Regular exercise with adequate sleep at least six hours every night is very beneficial.

Reading inspiring and educative books help to balance our mental health. In this write up, we would like to look at the place of peace of mind in fostering our total wellbeing.

A peaceful environment helps emotional stability and promotes health. We must endeavour to live in peace and harmony with our spouses, children, friends and neighbours.

Research has shown that children nurtured in peaceful environment turn out generally healthier and more stable than their counterparts. The home is a refuge of peace sheltering us from the daily hustle and bustle of the society. However, peace of mind does not mean absence of conflict or trouble. It is a trained skill where we develop the ability to handle things peacefully; focusing on God and his ways of handling issues guarantees peace and peace makes for productive thinking. 

As we learn to maintain peace of mind, we open ourselves up to live long fulfilled lives.
Isaiah 26:3, Hebrew 12:14a.

Culled from our KMAI Anniversary/Award 7.0 magazine. Click here to grab your e-copy now!


Dr Richard Okonkwo (a.k.a Rich)
MD Kring clinic/ Co-founder of Keeping Marriage Alive Initiative.

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