Your promotion is in your hands!

Your Promotion is in your hands!

Your promotion is in your hands but this will only happen if you allow your gift (TALENT) to make room for you.

The Noble Peace Prize, Oscars, Grammys, Ballon D’or, ATP award, Olympics, etc, are some of the highest awards anyone can receive. They are celebrated not because of how popular they are. They are simply celebrated because they chose to hone their gifts/talents for a greater purpose.

What is that greater purpose? Service unto others.

Everyone of us is born with talents, our ability to use it for the good of others is our gift to the world and ultimately brings about our promotion.

I remember this scripture ‘Matthew 25:14-30’ where the one with one talent was cast out because he did nothing with his talent. The first commandment after creation was ‘be fruitful’! Can you talk, sing, dance, write? Whatever you can do, use it for the good of the people.

No excuses in life, many had worse situations than you, yet they chose to find ways to use their talent. Are you waiting for funds or better time? The time to use your gift/talent is now!

We began Keeping Marriage Alive Initiative without funds, simply to help other couples have a fighting chance for their marriage like we were given. 7 years later we are still standing strong. Our major challenge is funding, yet it has not deterred us from using our talents for the good of our community and to the glory of God.

Finally, I leave you with the words of Maya Angelou
“When you learn, teach. When you get, give.

Let us pray:

Dear Lord, please give me the strength to daily use my gifts/talents for your glory, in Jesus name, Amen! 

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(Mrs Ngozi Okonkwo)
Relationship Coach/Habit Instructor 
Founder Keeping Marriage Alive Initiative.

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