A while ago, a dear friend spoke to me in a way that truly hurt me and I reacted by speaking back harshly. I was hurt by the situation and took it to God in prayers. As I laid down on the floor, I told God exactly how I felt, my hurt, my reaction and I waited, listening to what His answer will be. The place of intercourse in prayer, is so crucial in the development of a Christian that it cannot be gainsaid.

According to Vocapture dictionary – intercourse is simply communication. I will like to add; a depth of communication where there is no pretense, where you come as you are and allow the other see the true you.

In our relationship with God, we must learn to be vulnerable and allow God into every crevice of our life. The shame, the lies, the good and evil/bad deeds, our thoughts. For when we allow God into every area of our lives, we give Him permission to heal and make us one with Him in Christ.

  • What are your struggles?
  • Are you dealing with addiction?
  • Do you think your sins are too much?
  • Are you a murderer?
    Just come to the place of intercourse in prayer; where God will wash your pain and past, giving you an opportunity to become one with Him!

In Luke 23:40 – 43, the thief at the cross did it and entered into paradise. What is your excuse beloved?


Ngee (Mrs. Ngozi Okonkwo)
Relationship Coach/Habit Instructor
Founder Keeping Marriage Alive Initiative.

Watch the Salvation and Your Marriage series to understand the place of intercourse in your marriage.


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