Years ago we got into a financial rot and the more we saved, the more we got deeper into the rot. Then we began to pray and search for information about our problem, till we got a clear understanding of the place of stretching forth in helping others achieve their goals in spite of our perceived lack.

Back to our story, as we got more clarity, especially about our finances we realized our mistake. We wanted to solve all our problems before helping others but the truth is that problems will never cease, successful people understand that. So, they have learnt to pursue their goals while finding ways to stretch forth and support others along the way.

Many people want to get rich but do not understand that our capacity to produce is usually equivalent to the size of issues or problems we are called to solve. So dear ‘married woman’ who does not want her husband to help others till they make it. Please rethink your position and learn to invest in others as you grow your family too.

Dear husbands who focuses only on his family and refuses to extend support to those asking him, especially extended family and in-laws, do take a good look around, we all need help and that includes you too. If we all learn the habit of stretching forth to help others even in our needs, then we would forever open the door of financial flow for ourselves and generations after us.


Keys to stretching forth:
  • Become comfortable with being uncomfortable.
  • Make decisions with the future consequences in mind.
  • As a couple,find ways to discuss and identify priority area.


Do not give all your resources away and forget to take care of yourself and home. A great way to keep the financial flow is to peg your support to others in percentage of your monthly income. Let this year be a year of stretching forth to help one another attain their goals.
Who are you supporting today?

Ngozi (Ngee) Okonkwo,
E.D, KRING Hospital,
Founder, Keeping Marriage Alive Initiative.


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