Made whole

Made whole

A while ago, I heard a whisper, I want to make you whole. I pondered and searched Merriam Webster dictionary for the meaning of whole – ‘complete or full; not lacking or leaving out any part‘.

For seven days, I stayed in God’s presence morning and night, being still and allowing Him into every part of my heart, thought pattern and life. For the first time, I understood what being ‘whole’ meant.

Being whole is becoming, experiencing and understanding who you are. This is only possible when we allow the mirror – the word of God/Jesus Christ to come into our lives. Exposing, touching and healing those doubts, hurts and scars we have carried for a long time.

The seven days of being made whole was a revelation. The Lord took the shame, scars of rejection and made them inconsequential:

  • I was abused as a child.
  • My father never chose us.
  • I was lame for 3 years.
  • I have been rejected by those I loved many times.

But I am no longer defined by these things. I am totally loved by God and daily I return into the crevice of His arms, assured that I am useful, purposeful and totally loved.

What are you going through – miscarriage, death of a loved one, divorce, health challenges, financial issues etc ?

Will you allow God to make you whole today? He is capable of healing you far more than you can think of. “When we allow God in, in spite of all we have gone through, He is magnified”.

Do watch this video, it is a great example of being made whole.

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Let us pray:

Heavenly Father, for everyone reading this right now, I ask that your healing power go into every area of their lives, making them whole for your glory, in Jesus name, Amen!


(Mrs Ngozi Okonkwo)
Relationship Coach/Habit Instructor 
Founder Keeping Marriage Alive Initiative.

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