Nigeria is a religious nation yet it has failed woefully in the fundamental commandment of loving your neighbour as yourself. As I read through the news about Greenfield University students, Kaduna who are still being held by their abductors and threatening mass killing if a ransom is not paid for them. I ponder at the value we put on human beings.

I began to wonder when and how Nigeria came to a place where the fundamental human rights have been totally destroyed; yet we are keen on looking for our daily bread alone. The more we mind our business, the more we break the commandment of life – “loving your neighbour as yourself”.

Unfortunately, nobody is to be blamed for the situation in our country but ourselves. As Nigerians, we taught our children division not love. We emphasized our teaching on tribe and religion not on human value or love. We celebrated anyone who brought money irrespective of how it was gotten. So the youth learnt stealing, killing, kidnapping, dancing naked, backstabbing and corruption as the way forward in being celebrated.

Today’s blog – #WordForTheWeek might not be popular but we all must begin to look at the mirror and ask, have I played a part in destroying our nation Nigeria?

Finally, I will leave you with an encounter I had with the Holy Spirit about greasing the hand of people to get the job done. This had led to many incompetent people in offices and many destroying systems of accountability that can help our nation grow, in order for their palms to be greased continually.

A note of caution to everyone above 18 years; Nigeria needs everyone of us to take a stand for the future or what happened in Rwanda and the civil war will be child’s play compared to what is set to happen, if we don’t make a drastic change.

Arise Nigerians, this is our home and only we can make it work again. Let us begin by teaching our children the power of treating their neighbour (north, east, west, south, Christians, Muslims, poor, rich etc) with the love and respect they deserve.

Let the change we are complaining about begin with you and I in Jesus name, Amen!

Ngee (Mrs. Ngozi Okonkwo)
Relationship Coach/Habit Instructor
Founder Keeping Marriage Alive Initiative.
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