What word can I use for Sunday?
Simply Explosive!!

Keeping Marriage Alive (KMA) Initiative celebrated INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY by gathering women, men and youth from all corners of Lagos.

Ngee while cheering the women, also admonished and reminding them of the great women before us – who have paved the way and our roles in moving the community forward. We agreed that our duty as women, is to add value and make a difference in our communities.

Rich and Ngee thanked the men and reminded them of how important their support is needed in building an equal world with equal opportunities irrespective of the sex.

Mr Victor Erukunnakpor, created awareness of the need for cervical vaccine for all women.

Many women left liberated and ready to conquer.

Words spoken at a time of need, is food to the soul. This is exactly how we all felt as we celebrated KMA Women.

A big thank you to all who made this possible:
-our beloved attendees, Mrs Nneamaka Ogini (our compere), A/P Nkem Nzeribe, Mr & Mrs Chris Omeruo (Kristal Media), Mr Babatunde Quazeem (Hakluk Arts production), Chibuikem Nzeribe and many others.

Compiled by,
Mr Abiodun Okeleye
For Keeping Marriage Alive(KMA) Initiative.