Saturday was lit, as couples of various ages converged for a mini vision retreat, organized by Keeping Marriage Alive (KMA) Initiative.

It was a time of building ONENESS between couples.

Enjoy few feedbacks from couples in attendance:

“…it was an answer to prayer. The vision retreat was just for me.”
“…I will learn to be intentional about balancing work and family.”
(Mr & Mrs B. E)

“…we learnt planning our vision through KMA few years ago and today we are building upon it. Our take home is consistency.”
(Mr & Mrs .A)

“…we are taking a lot home and will endeavour to implement them.”
(Mr & Mrs Chris)

“…our take home is putting timelines to every plan. As Ngee said a dream without a timeline is a wish.”

These and many more are the feedbacks from the just concluded Couples Hangout Lagos- RECALIBRATE.

Enjoy the pictures –