Summary of 2018 Children’s Creative Camp.

The program had a total number of nine children (9 children). The aim of this year’s children’s creative camp – was for them to:
√plan an event from the scratch
√ raise funds for it
√Support a cause – they chose to support down syndrome via Morainbow and they tagged the event – Summer fest Moraiser

The Instructors:
Mr Babatunde Quazeem
Mr Chris Omeruo(Cx)
Mrs Nneamaka Nzeribe Ogini & Mr Uzoma Ogini
Mc Pato
Mrs Ngozi Amarikwa (Aunty Caro Caro)
Ngee – Mrs Ngozi Nzeribe Okonkwo.


Financial details:

  • The children raised N60,000 plus which was used for the program(canopies, Dj, drinks, cooking & decoration).
  • N32,000 was given to Children with down syndrome via Morainbow foundation.
  • N5,000 from the Children
  • N5,000 from A/P Nkem Nzeribe
  • N2,000 from Babatunde Oluwabunmi
  • N20,000 from Ngee and Rich
  • N5,000 from Mr Babatunde Quazeem
  • N3,000 from Mrs Ogini Amaka



  • Our special thanks to Mrs Ogini Nneamaka (Director KMA) who hosted the program for 1month. She gave us 70% off of everything she gave us for the event and her husband Mr Ogini Uzoma for making out time to stay with us, for helping in the choreography. Thank you very much sir/ma.
  • Our sincere gratitude also goes to Mr Babatunde Quazeem who took his time to teach the children on graphic designs, designing & printing of the donation card for free and for your financial support we say thank you sir.
  • How could we forget Mr CX the best professional photographer who taught the children how to handle camera by themselves. Thank you sir.
  • We thank all the parents who contributed one or two things towards the success of the program. May the LORD replenish your pockets.
  • Big thank you to our children (KMA C3 STARS). They raised their funds themselves through the donation card voluntarily printed by Mr Babatunde Quazeem by visiting different people and places etc. We thank you all.
  • Also to Ngee and Rich(Dr & Mrs Richard Okonkwo) the organizers of the program and founders of KMA – we say thank you sir/ma. May the oil of leadership never dry on your heads.

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Compiled by:
Abiodun Okeleye
(KMA Admin.)
For Keeping Marriage Alive Initiative.