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Why Did God Create Marriage? 2

Ngee says…. Hello people! Hope your last week was filled with everything good? Before we can answer the question “why did God create marriage”, we have to answer a more important question to ask why God created us. God created us in His own image and likeness, so we could

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Where has our love gone to?

Ngee says… Love!!  Someone I met, asked this question—“can I fall in love and remain passionately in love?  I understood immediately that what she was asking for was assurance that her love story will be different from the picture the society is painting.  I answered with a big YES! It’s

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Now I’m married

Now I’m married, what next? Ngee says…. Hello people! Hope you all having a lovely week? Our last ‘Help’ seminar was a wow! As usual, we always use our blog to touch on different areas taught in our ‘Help’ seminar series, to reach those that couldn’t make it and to

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Keys to lasting love

Ngee says Hello people!  For those of us that made it for the LOVE seminar, it was a wow! On this week’s blog, we are looking into keys that will help simplify the mystery called love. One night, I lay down on the bed and was thanking God for my

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Rich says Friends are people that are acquainted with each other and enjoy each other’s companionship in a warm and sometimes affectionate way. Everybody longs for who you can share your heart with and not be condemned. As it is popularly said friendships make the world go round. Friends are

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LOVE MAKING (SEX). Ngee says… Hmm!! Sex or love making as I prefer to call it, has caused controversies. I’m really not here to argue but to share with you what I learnt at the feet of Jesus, when we had to face issues in this area. Hope it helps

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Ngee says…. I had an opportunity beginning of this year to truly understand the meaning of this word “let them shine”. To be precise, 1st of January 2013. A night before, we were on our way to the cross over service and I was discussing about ALIVE(Always, Loving, Intimately, Verifying, Everyday),with

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In Search of Me

Every Morning I wake up and struggle to define who am i? Am I the sad dropout? Am I the boy on the verge of living his life on his own terms? Am I the person who made the right\ wrong choices? Or am I the boy who is carving

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