Keeping Marriage Alive Initiative Help International Conference 3.0 – “Reason to Live” was a conference amongst conference to remember; hosting a good number of youths, couples, individuals and speakers as they treated the topics Battered but Alive by A/P Nkem Nzeribe, Our Lifestyle – Our Message by Bro Oshin Oluwatoyin andExpansion Factor by Ngee [Mrs Ngozi Okonkwo]

The program started with opening prayer from co-founder Rich [Dr Richard Okonkwo] by 9.22am and it was immediately followed with National Anthem, KMA Anthem and a praise session from guest artist C-wonder [Chibuikem Nzeribe]

It was then time for lectures which kicked off with “Battered but Alive” by A/P Nkem Nzeribe. With touching stories of her life experience as a wife and mother, she did justice to the topic and sent a strong message to the women and young ladies that they should learn to defend their homes as well as to make their decisions to stand and stay in their home and marriage no matter the challenge.

The second speaker- Bro Oshin Oluwatoyin took the stand shortly after the first speaker and spoke on the topic“Our Lifestyle – Our Message” He focused on the role of parenting in training up a child/children in the right way. He sent strong messages to the fathers and husband urging them to play active roles in grooming and training up their children because the life they live as parents is the message they are sending to the children.

Ngee co-founder of Keeping Marriage Alive Initiative rounded up the teaching/lectures with her topic “Expansion Factor”. She spoke widely and strongly from the business and marriage point of view. She stated that Needs, Ideas, Organization, Meeting the needs of people, and Accountability are the stages of expansion factor.

Guest artist, C-wonder rounded off the program with an astonishing performance on his new single-hit “NGOZI”.

Rich stepped up to the podium once more but this time was to give a vote of thanks to the guest and render the closing prayer by 1:05pm. The guest were given light refreshment as they bid the wonderful event bye and took their leave from the well decorated DLT Hall which hosted the event at 1st Avenue, Festac Town, Lagos, Nigeria.

Though many conference and seminars had been delivered by Keeping Marriage Alive Initiative but Help International Conference 3.0 stands tall as the latest and best for this season. Kudos to the organizers, speakers, crew and guest for a job well done as we anticipate for H.I.C 4.O.

Summary By
Philip Ekundayo
Administrator- Keeping Marriage Alive Initiative