All roads led to Sunfit on Saturday 1st of July as KMA hosted its 4th Anniversary/Awards night. It was a full house with dignitaries, award recipients, families, friends, stakeholders and well-wishers graced the event with their presence.

The jaw-dropping event kicked off with opening prayers by A/P Abajue and was immediately followed by national anthem and KMA anthem led by Chibuikem Nzeribe [C.wonder].

Shortly after the introductory slide and welcome speech from founders Ngee & Rich [Dr & Mrs Richard Okonkwo], a short drama titled Price of Comprise was presented by 3LF drama group in collaboration with KMA’s Alive Troupe. The message emphasizing on how keeping silent or giving shallow voice/opinion/communication can be a danger to individual, family unit and the society at large.

The Ice Breaker came as Ngee gave her speech tagged “The Piece”. She spoke passionately about the worth of our views, voice and duty to our nation Nigeria. Sighting 2 stories on how disunity could cause division and on the other hand how unity brings about achievement of a vision; she left the audience with the message of learning not to be too focused on the piece of the national cake at the detriment/danger of destroying the cake itself which is our country Nigeria.

E.Davis – a veteran gospel musician lifted up the spirit, mood, and atmosphere with 3 outstanding performance backed up by one of the guests Luchi [Mrs Oluchi Okonkwo].

The awards rolled in with Dinma & Nedum Nwobi clinging the Influential Couple Award 2017, Kechi Okwuchi receiveing the Role Model Award 2017,

Onwudiwe Family bagging KMA Close-knit Family Award 2017, Kuth Foundation getting the Special Recognition Award 2017, and Philip Ekundayo receiving Best Staff Award 2017.

Just as the event drew near to its closure, the KMA 2017 Magazine was unveiled for public purchase, viewing and support. Shortly after the unveiling, the children mounted the stage and gave an awesome speech on the voice of a child.

In all the event was made glamorous with Comedy and Mc from MacCualey [Pikinpin] & Ngozi Amarikwa[Veteran Actress]; Sounds and Music from Dj Musik, E.Davis and C.wonder; Decorations by Bloglow Concepts, Photography by Kristal Media, Designs by Hakluk; Refreshments and Venue @ Sunfit Hotels; Support from Blink drycleaners, Paul Sylko [Nig] Limited, Xpress Image Hair Clinic, Leadmart Pharmacy & Superstores, Olulana Health & Fashion, CIA and Host Ngee & Rich along with the entire KMA Stakeholders & Team.

Summary Compiled by
Philip Ekundayo
KMA – Administrator.