I have always struggled with the concept of stepping out in faith especially when I cannot imagine what lies ahead of me. But life itself is a risk, stepping out of the house is a risk, cooking in the kitchen is a risk, going to bed at night is a risk, crossing the road is a risk and I can go on and on. We carry out these activities without much thought because we have faith that no harm will come to us then something happens or you hear a story and your reminded that it is God’s grace alone that makes the difference.

Few months ago, while making Wheat meal for my mum the hot water from the pot splashed on me, lucky for me the only place really affected was my hand. The pain was there and all day I could feel it, after few days it turned into a wound and everyone that saw me asked me what happened, after recounting the tale they all reminded me to thank God it wasn’t my face. Truly, I am grateful to God it wasn’t but the reason for this story is to show the risk involved in even doing the easiest things. I cannot count the number of times I make this wheat meal for myself and my mum but that day was going to be different but I never knew.

Stepping out in faith is first of all an act, then a habit and finally it becomes your character; this simply means that at first you must take deliberate steps amidst fear and confusion. It is imperative to start with smaller choices/decisions, then making harder or more life changing decisions; touching different areas of your life. With each successful choice it becomes easier to replicate and try again.

When we step out in faith things don’t always walk out the way we imagine but the assurance there is that everything will walk out for good because of the God factor. In short, it is when we cannot help our self that God steps in to show us he is still God in the most amazing way. It is important to note that real faith requires speaking (confessing it) against all odds, holding on to God’s words and never giving up no matter what you see physically. Trust me challenges will come from all corners, and when it seems you cannot take it anymore, your miracle is closest.

For four years God had laid in my heart the need for me to start a Christian blog, I kept on moving the start date after every research was done. In that four years the burden never left, but worsened with every passing day. The fear of putting myself out there was always on my mind and kept me glued to constant procrastination. In the last few weeks I finally decided to step out in faith and start blogging for the Lord. Musingsbybloglow.com finally started about two weeks ago amidst fear, faith and prayer. Funny enough I have a lot of challenges to overcome but I am assured (faith) that God will see me through daily.

Brethren what is that thing in your heart that you have been wanting to do but are too scared to take a step of faith towards, I encourage you to stand up and take a step of faith. You can start with little steps or go all out and take a giant step, it is up to you but I implore you to please take a step don’t stand still and watch. Remember “time waits for nobody” and “tomorrow may be too late.”

Take that step of faith NOW!


Nneamaka Nzeribe
Director – Keeping Marriage Alive
C.E.O Bloglow Concept