Parenting through the eyes of a teenager

Parenting through the eyes of a teenager

Parenting through the eyes of a teenager is crucial in our generation. Most teenagers think of their parents as old, annoying people that obstruct most things they do. But it isn’t really their fault, they are just trying to stop us from making mistakes they have made or witnessed.

In the bid to stop us from making mistakes, they sometimes come off as being overprotective. They are just trying to keep us safe. Although it can be very annoying to most of us when our parents seem to be overprotective. Have you ever had that time where you would want to go somewhere and then you would be denied the opportunity of going by your parents, even when there seems to be no reasonable excuse for not going?

Yes, this has happened to most of us, but I have a piece of advice for all teenagers.

No matter how annoying a decision your parents make may seem, it is almost always for your own good. They have lived as teenagers before, so you should at least trust them.

And to the parents, once in a while, you can give your child some space. When you tell them ‘NO’, please try to explain in a way that they would understand, and not just think that you are depriving them of something.

During the teenage ages, children tend to need space. But they do not understand the effect it has on their parents. Parents often find it hard to give their child space, because they are so used to always being there for their child.

Looking back now, I can see why and how the change affects parents.

From the ages of 6-11, parents are used to doing a lot for their children, only for the child to turn 13, and the bond begins to break, because the child, now turned teenager, wants to be independent all of a sudden. It could really be tough for parents to accept this as a reality. In truth, that does not have to be your reality.

There is a way to bridge the gap that may have been formed between you and your child. Parents could try to find activities that they and their children would enjoy. In our house, we watch Netflix on certain days and have discussions about the movie/series we watched.

Children could also endeavour to talk to their parents. I know, sometimes it seems difficult, but if it is developed as a habit, it becomes second nature.

All in all, every relationship has to be nurtured. Therefore, effort is necessary to keep the relationship alive. Doing so would sooner or later make both the parents and children comfortable with sharing ideas and communicating regularly.

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From Kamsy, Koaside, and Kaeto (Founders Children).

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