Most stories are not the true representation of the history we’ve accepted and have come to believe. When we were told stories about the tooth fairy, Cinderella, and midnight ghost (Halloween/ojuju) as children; we easily accepted, believed and sometimes feared these superstitious mysterious beings. When we were told Santa (Father Christmas) gives free gifts on Christmas day’s and sometimes grants our wishes; we also believed that.

But as adults, we question the essence of life itself and the inquisitive or investigative nature in us pushes us to want to know and have tangible facts before we believe. This act thereby leads us to the unending questions of “why, how, when and where?” the most eccentric and important question we ought to ask ourselves is where will my story lie in the garden of history?

What is a story? Most times it’s a bit of friction and other times a narration of history. While growing up as a boy I so much believed that I needed to have super powers and abilities just like the legendary cartoon characters (superman, Spiderman, fantastic4 etc) in order to make impart in lives and be celebrated. I remember a time when I picked up a spider and expected it to bite me just as was done to Peter Parker (Spiderman) which gave him super powers; oh! what childhood could reveal. I laugh today when I see children swing or jump from a chair to another and do some dangerous or funny stunts portraying their favourite superhero. Looking back now, all I aspired, hoped and wanted to do was to make a difference in life; not ending up as an ordinary person but an extraordinary person even a supernatural being.

No one stands out by doing the normal, natural or ordinary things known and common to men. The history maker adds an extra to the ordinary to become extra-ordinary, the legacy builder does something superb than the natural to become a supernatural. Even the odd ones do things abnormally and enter the fame of legacy.

Would like to share these stories with you for more understanding;

“Popular among Christians is the story of Daniel in the lion den. It was told and read that Daniel was thrown into the den of lions as punishment for praying to God; a day after the execution of the judgement Daniel came out unarmed. Popular among Nigerians; is another story of a Daniel who approached the Zoo and found his way into the lion cage believing that he could replicate the history of Daniel in the bible; few minutes later, there was nothing but bones left of him”

These 2 stories made history but you would agree with me that while one was supernatural the other was abnormal.  A quote I once read in the Bible gave me a translation; “you have to be extremely foolish to be famous as a fool or be extremely wise to make the hall fame of wise men”; Many fools have out-shined common wise, brilliant, innovative, creative men because the fools were extremely foolish, but it’s better to get in the history garden on the bright side rather than as a nuisance. The extreme and extra effort is the standing out factor.

We write and tell our own story but after our demise people write/tell our history. You might know your biography but most times you never get to know your eulogy.

Am i there yet? No, am not; but am sure aware of what i want and what i need to do. Am not satisfied with just being there in life without making a mark.

What are the steps/ processes to take? These are some of the steps i have been and am taking;

1.     To know: you must know what you lack and what you need to make history

2.     To plan: you must draft out an ordinary plan and put in extra effort to achieve a lasting legacy

3.     To act: many are dreamers, believers, aspirants but they do not take the necessary step to achieve. You must act on your plan by taking a step forward; each steps moves you closer.

4.     To be in the right place: this is where surroundings, friends, work, family come in. You need supporters, helpers, advisers and builders. The best place will be with like minds “Collaborators”.

5.     Not to give up: there is surely going to be difficult times but it will do well to hold on to that dream.

6.     To pray: this rather than being the last is the first, in between and last thing you should do daily for the history you want to make. No one knows best of my history and your destiny than God (it will do you good to see and hear what He has to say about it)

“The MEMORY you leave behind of the STORY your life told will form the bases of your HISTORY”


By Philip Ekundayo

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