Endangered? Yes, man by his perspective, attitude and actions has brought that upon himself.

Generations of fathers made it clear to us that we were the MEN and are in charge. Somehow we missed it in not knowing how to function effectively and be the MAN. Most men assume they are very knowledgeable in all matters, especially in marriage. Little wonder they cannot learn from anybody or even discuss issues with their wife’s or seek a mentor.

So mistakes are inevitable, and when they happen, men are urged not to cry or let out our emotions (further putting us out of tune with our emotions). By the way we all know how important emotional intelligence is in today’s dynamic world. Men are so focused on their jobs labouring dusk to dawn to meet the financial needs of their families while being unavailable to play, teach, train and spend time with the same family.

No wonder in most homes the Man can be likened to an ATM Machine or the 12 o’ clock man. Other men even fold their hands and are laid back like wimps allowing their wives pay all the bills and do the house chores just because they earn more than them.

We men that are meant to stand up against vices in the society are even the ones creating some of the vices. We stay quiet when bad decisions that will endanger the future of our children and grandchildren are taken. The pressures of these present times overtake us. When we gather, instead of discussing to proffer possible solutions we rather drink away the problem. No wonder the suicide rates amongst men are on the increase.

We know men would not go extinct, but this trend would continually produce weak, unbalanced men without priorities:

Generally when you remove a fish from water, it is just a matter of time before it dies. Same with man, we cannot thrive and excel without God.

Man must return to his maker God, daily acquaint himself with Him, Uncovering God’s gift and treasures in him and discovering God’s assignment for him on this earth (vision).

Man must interact with mentors who will encourage and strengthen him as he grows into his fullness.

Every man must develop a teachable attitude and be open to learn from everyone.

We must have priorities and develop a work/ home balance so as to spend quality time with our spouses, children and friends.

Men let’s grow up, take our places in life and also train our children to do likewise.

Culled from our KMAI Anniversary/Award 7.0 magazine. Click here to grab your e-copy now!


(Richard Okonkwo)
Co-founder – Keeping Marriage Alive Initiative.