Hurray! Keeping Marriage AIive is 7years!

KMAI’s Anniversary/Awards 7.0 was held online (due to the covid-19 outbreak) this year from the18th – 24th May,2020. It was the 1st virtual event of its kind.

The awardees were drawn from 3 different categories of people:
Close Knit Family Award – Carl and Anita Nzeribe’s family.

Purpose Driven Award – Amb. Chibuzo Mbaso Patrick.

KMAI Encouragement Award – Miss Lois Owanta.

As usual, KMAI launched its annual magazine filled with exciting content on topics such as: parenting, bonding, well-being, life after covid-19, and many more.

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Short videos from the awardees were showcased including shoutouts/testimonies from those who have benefited from KMAI’s programs/events via all our social media platforms.

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Compiled by,
Mr Abiodun Okeleye
For Keeping Marriage Alive(KMA) Initiative.