UPDATES and SUMMARY of the just concluded KMAI Empowerment Project School (KEPS) Program 2023:

• The program began on Saturday, April 29th, 2023 (3 weeks training).

• Registration fee was N2,000 for each participant.

• A total of 10 students registered (6 ladies and 4 guys). Age range 20 years – 55 years.

• Two participants dropped out during the program.

• Only 7 participants were able to meet up with the mini business plan.

• The grant cum business plan defense took place on KMAI 10th Celebration (Saturday, 27th May 2023) with the 7 participants in attendance.

• The 2 judges – Mr. Anthony Abakporo of United Breeds Foundation, and Mrs. Ngozi Amarikwa, an actress, were chosen because they had no personal contact with any of the 7 participants. 3 facilitators (Mrs. Nneamaka Ogini, Ngee & Rich) were present to confirm that both judges were fair and accountable in administering their duties.

• Criteria for defence grants were on composure, the ability to produce data to match your business plan, and the sustainability of the business. Attendance was considered, but it was just 10% or less for some who didn’t attend all classes. While the defence was 90%.

• These are the business names and positions in the defence category:
1. Moving dots – Sam Adetoye.
2. Chicken Farm – Precious Ejike.
3. Princegogo Photography – Gogo Prince.
4. Word Bin – Blaise Ohwo.
5. Alpha- Freeman Enterprise – Funso Isreal-Olusegun.
6. Zarabest Clothings – Ifeoma Ugokwe.
7. Cherry Unique Ventures – Onome Cherry Charles-Iduh.

• The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd moved to the finals. The finals took place during the KMAI 10th celebration at the basketball court.

• The judges for the finals were taken from the audience, including some of the KEPS participants who did not progress to the finals.

• It was a close call, but 2 winners emerged. Sam Adetoye, 2nd price winner of N200,000 only, and Ejike Precious, 1st price winner of N300,000 only.

• Goodnews, the brand consultant, Mr Quazeem Babatunde, will be working with the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd to brand their business as part of their winning package.

• All 7 participants who submitted their business plan will receive their e-certificates and will be spotlighted on all KMAI social media platforms (especially instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp) in the course of the next 7 weeks. One participant per week (Friday morning).

• Also, 3 months free consultation for the 7 participants on this platform and one-on-one consultation for those who indicate interest.

• We would endeavour to complete the outstanding class on incorporating a business and tax during the 3 months of free consultation.

• A survey form will be sent out this week. Please let’s all endeavour to fill out the form. This will help us in preparing your e-certificates and strategise accordingly on areas of need.

• The WhatsApp group name will be changed to KEPS Alumni.


Mr. Chris Omeruo – Kristal Media.
Mr. Babatunde Quazeem – Hakluk Arts Production.
Mrs. Nneamaka Ogini – Bloglow Events Services.
Mr George Ikenwe – Banker, Access bank (please, we were not sponsored or supported by Access bank).
Dr. Richard (Rich) Okonkwo – KRING Hospital and Cofounder, Keeping Marriage Alive Initiative.
Mrs. Ngozi (Ngee) Okonkwo – Founder, Keeping Marriage Alive Initiative and ED, KRING Hospital.

We also want to specially thank our staff for their input towards the success of this program:

Favour Oba-Ikhide – Information Coordinator for KEPS 2023.
Somto Enyi-Okafor.

May these associations cum networks yield great benefits.

I celebrate your doggedness. You are all winners.

Enjoy the snippet of the event here


For counselling, you could reach out to us via the following platforms:
Instagram and Facebook- Keepingmarriagealive.
Twitter- AliveKMA.
Office line- +2347088765212.