Wow! How amazing it is when children gather to have fun and also learn on how to build up their future positively.

This was exactly what happened on 29th of August 2019, at KMA’s CHILDREN’S CREATIVE CAMP, themed : Adolescenthood

It all started with a game – the Song Association, which broke the ice for all participants.

Mr Taiwo Oshodi (Same Oshodi) taught the power of sharing, with much emphasis on life experiences of him and his twin and their ability to learn from each other and appreciate their differences.

Ngee came with the parent’s side of the story. Reiterating parents’ love for their children.

She also told the Children to be free to discuss with their parents about anything.

She also talked about handling puberty emotions, peer pressure and communication.

The debate session: Money vs Education was expository, as the Children discussed vividly on the topic from their own points of view. In conclusion they agreed that both are important; for money enriches life(Charis Iduh) but education gives money direction(Kamsy Okonkwo).

There were questions from the adolescents and they were answered by parents present –
Mrs Emem Njigha
Mrs Uche Mgbeahuru.

Lots of games were played and the children really had fun.

Seriously every participant left with one or two lessons and a changed perspective about life as an adolescent.

A special thanks to our parents who allowed their children to be part of this event.

Special thanks also to Mrs Nneamaka Ogini (Bloglowevents) for the wonderful decoration.

A very big thank you from all of us to the founders of Keeping Marriage Alive initiative, Ngee and Rich for this great work.

Compiled by KMA Admin.

Ngee & Rich
Founders of Keeping Marriage Alive Initiative

“Will two people walk together unless they have agreed to do so?” Amos 3:3 (CEB).