Intensive Habit Workshop is a special arm of Keeping Marriage Alive Initiative that deals on habits; which when utilised properly leads to a more productive life, better relationship skills and a balanced life.

Habit Workshop Series

In order to fulfil our vision of raising Strong Marriages, Strong Family and a Healthier Society, Keeping Marriage Alive Initiative has consistently delivered help seminars and has through several platforms equipped individuals, couples and families across the nation with insights by teaching them how to take ownership of relationships, increase team work, increase productiveness and enhance communication skills resulting in a better balanced life.

In line with this, Keeping Marriage Alive Initiative has introduced its Intensive Habit Workshop Series which is designed to equip individuals with distinctive habits that will guarantee high performance and success in both the work place and family life.

The objectives of this workshop are:

  • To equip participants with required habits essential for increased productivity and better relationship skill.
  • To enhance the quality and efficiency levels of participants making them great team players.
  • To develop better communication skills of all participants
  • To help all participants actively channel their habits in order to realise their potentials and improve their roles in the workplace.
  • To create a balance between work and family therefore living a more fulfilling life.

This series will be delivered by means of diverse methods including presentations, videos, case studies, coursework, role plays and so much more; these will enrich participants’ knowledge and emphasize learning.

Our facilitators are carefully selected skilled and thriving professionals in their different fields of endeavours. They are prepped to share their success secrets and counsel participants in acquiring excellent habits essential for growth in different areas of life.

The first workshop of the Intensive Habit Workshop is divided into 3 basic classes as follows:    

Workshop 01, Class 01- COMMUNICATION

Workshop 01, Class 02 - CHOICES

Workshop 01, Class 03 - COMMITTMENT