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The Role of Parents in the life of their Children and Society

Hi, this blog is a bit different right? You are right. Marriage has a lot of parts and from now we will be sharing once a month on parenting during KMA Saturday Diet- Blog.

To begin we want to share one of our favorite children stories:

Our son Kd was a fearful child and we felt that he will outgrow it. As the years passed, hubby and I began to grow our friendship and marriage; our son became a major source of concern to both of us.

During our first vision retreat, we took it upon ourselves to pray through, find a word for him and then laid down instructions to help him grow. He has grown so much that he has become a great public speaker.

What are we saying here? PARENTING is intentional. We as parents have a major role to play. We can’t leave our children to the school their peers, extended family and so much more. We must as fathers and mothers begin to intentionally build our children up.

The Question that most of us always ask is HOW?

By understanding our role as parents – Proverbs 6: 20 – 23 (HCSB) – My son (daughter) keep your father’s command and don’t reject your mother’s teaching.



Let’s imagine our marriage as a school and our children the pupil/students. Father as the head of school and mother as the teacher.

A meeting must be held between the Father [Head of school] and the mother [teacher]. The wellbeing of the child [pupil/student] is discussed in detail and how to train them child(ren) is agreed upon.

Head of school [father] watches, supports and calls to order. The teacher [mother] inputs daily intentional tasks, assessments and continuous encouragement.

One very important thing to note is that the child(ren) [pupil/student] outgrows seasons and parents must meet periodically to keep up and be abreast of their children’s new needs in the new season.

As our 1st child grows into teenage age, our command and teaching technique is changing for her. It’s no more enough to tell her what to do but she needs to understand why. Our, younger children are okay with instructions for now.

So we play different roles, to the different seasons in our children’s lives.

Our questions to all parents reading this is;


Which book have you read or which seminars have you attended lately on parents?


Ngee & Rich
[Dr and Mrs Richard Okonkwo]
Founder/Habit Instructor

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