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Ngee says

Hi, Everyone today’s blog is a bit different and you will soon understand why.

Last night, as we were having our night prayers, cum praise and worship; we asked the children to tell us who God is to them personally. Our daughter, who is going to be Ten years in few weeks – described God as her saviour, protector, friend and so much more. Our son who is 8years of age – described God as his helper, creator, father and so much more. Then it was the turn of our 5 years old son and these were his words – “God is the only one that keeps his promises, He answers some of our dreams most of the time (we all asked him what he meant and our 3 children said to  I & Hubby that some of our dreams are not part of God’s destiny for us so He removes them to help us build a better dream), Our 5 years old son then said God is my hero!

For few minutes, I was silent pondering at the word HERO. I have called God a lot of names, growing in my relationship with Him but I have never looked at Him through the perspective of a Hero!

My question to myself and to everyone reading this is; who is a Hero?

Rich says

God is truly our HERO

Jesus paid the full price for us to be reconciled to our maker and enjoy all the benefits of life i.e to have life and to have it more abundantly. Remarkably He did all of this, not for His own selfish motive but simply for our gain.

Little wonder we are instructed to look up to Jesus and keep looking up to him for he is the essence and full manifestation of our faith (Jesus the author & finisher of our parts)

In any situation we find ourselves we should always ask what would Jesus do? For he is our role model (For he is the author and finisher of our faith)

1.      A hero is someone, who has fought battles and won in his field for his nation.

2.      A hero is someone we aspire or dream to be like.

3.      A hero is someone we will do anything to meet and will endeavour to keep the relationship.

I then asked myself this question “why haven’t I seen God (God the father, God the son – Jesus Christ and God the Holy Spirit) as my HERO?

When we see God as our Hero it changes everything. The way we see life, the way we love God and our motives and intention of knowing Him is different.


1. How is your lifestyle reflecting God to your children, family and society?

2. Take out time to ask yourself and your children who God is to you and to them.


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