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Ngee says

Hello to everyone, reading this. How are you doing today? We are going to look at death vs. life. Why did we choose this topic?

We have been doing exploits in the area of marriage in the work of our hands and so much more. Recently we started asking God for financial freedom and then all of a sudden financial doors started closing. The finances we had was barely enough to take care of the home front in addition to financing KMA. I personally became angry, depressed and started doubting God.

After some months, I realised that we were missing something. I decided to take time and reflect on

our journey with God so far, whether in our marriage health or any other area.

It now dawned on me, that before any of our prayers were answered, it always looks as if the end/death of the thing has come. An example - is the years I fasted and prayed for our marriage to be the best it can be, the prayer was answered when we got to a point of agreeing to a divorce. We not only changed our mind but on that day we decided to have the kind of marriage God had intended and also to help others find their way and continually enjoy their relationship.

So what are you going through? Hold on tight to the dream and keep your eyes fixed on God. Don’t forget - in the NATURAL WAY - LIFE COMES BEFORE DEATH. BUT IN THE SPIRITUAL WAY - DEATH COMES BEFORE LIFE.

Rich says                                                                           

Just like every woman is exposed to the greatest risk of death at the point of pushing and delivering a new baby, so must everyone of us at some point must literally die to birth newness of life. Make sure you work in line with nature and not against it.             


I want you to ponder on this word THE DARKEST TIME OF YOUR DAY BECOMES YOUR EARLY MORNING. If you analyze these words carefully you would find out that truly the darkest part of our journey is closest to our morning.




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