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H.I.C 4.0 Summary

on Tuesday, 24 October 2017.

Once again, Keeping Marriage Alive Initiative hosted its annual Help International Conference [the fourth edition – 4.0] on Saturday, 21st October 2017 at DLT Event Centre, 1st Avenue, Festac Town, Lagos.

The program started by 10.30am presenting attendees and online followers with 3 speakers to do justice to the theme – THINGS THAT MATTER.

Rich [Dr. Richard Okonkwo - cofounder of KMA] was the first among the 3 speakers to mount the platform, speaking on the topic LOVE. He introduced love as a person, stating how important it is to know the person of love in order to be able to live a loving and lovely life.

Pointing everyone back to the creator of the universe [God]; Rich told everyone that one of the most important things that matter is knowing God from all areas and aspect of our lives [SELF, FAMILY, MARRIAGE and CAREER]. He stated that knowing love as a person and relating with Him will equip, teach and prepare us to be ready to handle whatever the world throws at us [success, failure, challenges, wealth or fame]. Click to watch the video - https://web.facebook.com/keepingmarriagealive/videos/744012312448970/

Ngee [Ngozi Okonwo – cofounder of KMA] stepped up just after her husband’s speech and she spoke on the topic Staying ALIVE. Using cups as an illustration, she poured water into the glass cups and called to observation the status of the cups. She stated that no matter what is poured into the cups [hot or cold liquids], the cups still retained their shapes. She then urged everyone to stay focused and not allow things around us or things happening to us reshape our personality by defining who you are. She further spoke on the acronym ALIVE as a principle to staying Alive – Always, Loving, Intimately, Verifying, Everyday. Click to watch video - https://web.facebook.com/keepingmarriagealive/videos/744024429114425/

The guest speaker for the day; Njoku Ogechi was the third speaker of the day and she spoke on the topic FINDING PURPOSE IN THE MIDST OF THE STORM. She needed not to say much, she just had to start by sharing her life story and the topic was clear and understandable for everyone. All attendees concluded after her teaching that there is no genuine excuse not to make it or find purpose in life. She concluded by saying there will always be storms in life but one shouldn’t allow the storm change who we are or our destination, we should find purpose in the storm because conviction and comfort are never found in the same block. Click to watch video - https://web.facebook.com/keepingmarriagealive/videos/744038485779686/

Shortly after the speeches, the hosts Ngee and Rich invited special guest [Pst Ngozi Nlekwuwa (Olivet Bible Church), Mr Chinedu Nwobi (Marital Bliss), and Njoku Ogechi (Guest Speaker)] to join them for the table talk session tagged Family Unit; The Bedrock of every society. The session was an interactive and educative one as the speaker[s] shared their life experience and advice on family matters based on the question thrown at them by Ngee and Rich.

The table talk session ended with audience rolling in general questions for the speakers and adequate answers were provided by the combination of the hosts and the speakers.

The 4 hours program ended by 2.35pm with feedbacks from the attendees and a clearer perspective of what to expect in life and how our actions/choices determine the results we get in life.

Once again KMA was able to bridge the gap between the church and society. We thank everyone who played a part in achieving this.

See pictures - https://www.keepingmarriagealive.com/video-audio-gallery/photo/help-international-conference

Compiled by

Philip Ekundayo

Administrator – Keeping Marriage Alive Initiative

Conflicts! A Necessary Tool For Growth In Marriage

on Sunday, 31 May 2015. Posted in Blog

Ngee says…

Hubby— you are a stupid & lazy wife. Look around you, I provide all your needs. Yet you can't manage the home.

Wife— provide all my needs! Where are you, when I and the children need you? Always coming home late!i  didn't bargain for an absentee husband when I was getting married.

They both start wondering if they are married to the right person and sometimes even look for ways to guard their heart from being hurt again.

I've been there crying, praying and wondering if I would survive the hurt.  

Communication Is Life..

on Sunday, 31 May 2015. Posted in Blog

Ngee says…

Hello people! Hope you are having a grace filled week?  Hmm! When we decided to teach communication in our last HELP seminar, I and hubby had a good laugh at ourselves. I know you are wondering why? This is simply because any quarrel we've ever had in our home, stemmed from miscommunication or lack of proper communication. Let me share one of our stories ..


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