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on Tuesday, 29 August 2017. Posted in Blog

Hi, it’s time for another Saturday diet and interestingly today’s topic is ‘The balanced diet’!

What is a balanced diet?  A balanced diet is a meal that includes all the right nutrients to keep the body healthy and they include – protein, carbohydrate, vitamins, minerals, water, fat and oil.

Today’s balanced diet is different because we are going to look at our marriage/family and the importance of a special balanced diet that it requires/needs.

Every institution has particular components they need to thrive in or grow; it's the same in the marriage/family institution. Without these components or nutrients, there will be a crack in the relationship which will lead to separation and sometimes divorce.

What are these components?

  • Rules: Rules guide and create boundaries that keep the marriage/family safe from harm. This rules are usually discussed and agreed upon together and the children are carried along as they grow older.
  • Your Voice: Every home should always feel like home. To achieve the feeling of home, we must acknowledge the voice and feelings of one another.

In our home we have a saying “ONE VOICE, ONE TEAM, ONE NATION! We might not agree in all things but we have permission to express our opinions with the assurance that it will be received in love. When we shut the voice of our spouse or children down, we shut the door to their heart and love towards us.

  • Laughter: A family that laughs together, lives together! As a family we have learnt to laugh together, laugh at each other’s mistake and also create memories of laughter. A smile or a laugh is like a balm to the soul. When last did you laugh together?
  • Forgive: Forgiveness in marriage/family is unquestionable. Several times hubby and I have sometimes hurt each other knowingly and unknowingly, we have learnt to forgive and discuss it through. As our children are growing up we are learning that they have the capacity to hurt our feelings and vice versa. Forgiveness is a pre-requisite for a long looking relationship.
  • Build: Help one another in building their dreams. Dreams/purpose are integral parts of  every human being. Each time we intentionally find ways to support and build one another’s dream(s) we forge a union/relationship that cannot be easily broken.

Will share a story (but names have been edited) Peter and Prisca have been married for 10 years and seem not to see eye to eye. They have come to a place where Peter moved into the hotel rather than live in the same house with Prisca.

They came for counselling and it was looking like divorce was the only way out, till they tried a project together – building a boys-quarter together. After several months we visited and saw a couple that had something in common and were willing to learn to love again.

Will you make out time this season and begin to establish “The balanced diet” that will keep your home safe from destruction?

Ngee & Rich
(Dr & Mrs. Richard Okonkwo) 
Founders/Habit instructors

Summary of KMA Diamond Back to School giving Day and Loveskool

on Saturday, 09 September 2017. Posted in Blog

It was a great impart day for KMA as it hosted 2 great programs within 24hours.


Once again KMA hosted a program for the less privileged in the community tagged KMA Diamonds Back to School Program.

In collaboration with supporters and stakeholders like - Mrs Okoye, Mrs Nzeribe, Mrs Iroha, L/Evang Ekundayo, Mrs Ezeobidi, Amaka Ogini; Keeping Marriage Alive was able to provide back to school items for less privileged children preparing to resume school by 11th September 2017.

The program started with a welcome, introductory and motivational speech by KMA co-founder Ngee (Mrs Ngozi Okonkwo) by 10.50am.

The participants were then ushered to registration and medical checkup points manned by Philip (Admin) and Rich (Dr Richard Okonkwo- KMA co-founder) respectively.

The children were allowed to pick and take school materials such as bags, socks, shoes, flasks, books, toys, clothes, pen, pencil, note books, pencils and noodles.

The parent were next in line as they received food items on behalf of their family. The items consist of rice, yam, groundnut oil, noodles. They were also allowed to pick wears donated by contributors and supporters.

It was another great successful program recorded by KMA as they were able to affect positively over 25 families and numerous children as they prepare to resume school the next week.


Fun could come in different forms but they all have few things in common; a sense of belonging, a smile, a form of play and a feeling of love.

Today KMA hosted its Loveskool #singleshangout program at its office address and it was all a fun affair.

The program which focused on the theme SECRETS, touched all areas of relationship as founders of KMA (Ngee &Rich) buttressed on the case study/life scenarios raised for the program.

Ngee further explained that we keep secrets mainly because we want to look good at the expense and in the presence of others.

In the race to bridge the gap in the secrets chain you need the WHO, WHY and WHEN theory.

You should know WHO deserves to know the secret, WHY you are telling the secret and the WHEN or right time to expose/discuss the Secret.

The 3 reasons for secrets were said to be –

  • Core fears
  • Non-negotiable and
  • Sin of omission.

The program ended on a good note with wonderful feedback from participants.

What a wonderful day with the double program package of KMA.

Kudos to the organizers and KMA team for a job well done.

Compiled by
Philip Ekundayo
Administrator - KMA

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on Monday, 18 September 2017. Posted in Blog

Hi dear reader and friend,

It’s another Saturday diet blog and today we are discussing “Pressed on all sides”.

Life has a lot of seasons, but the most heart-wrenching time and season, is when it seems everything has turned against you and you’re pressed on all sides.

To understand what it means to be pressed on all sides, I will share 3 case scenarios;

  1. Imagine the story of Job in the Bible who lost all his children and business in one day. To cap it all he had a dreaded skin disease that kept him as an outcast from his home. The wife told him to curse God and die. His friends accused him of sin. He was truly pressed on all sides.
  2. Imagine Jesus Christ the last night before crucifixion, he wanted his friends to stand by him but everyone deserted and denied him. Those that just sang his praises a few days ago were the same people that wanted him dead at all cost.
  3. I have been pressed on all sides a couple of times in my life journey, most of the time the people I love most have deserted and left me. It usually seems like the end of the world.

BUT if you can just hold on to your confession of faith and the relationship you have with God; I can assure you – YOU WILL COME OUT ON TOP

  • Job recovered Double
  • Jesus the name above all other names seats at the right hand of God.
  • I’m here writing to you all from the place of victory.

Yes it’s possible to be pressed on all sides and overcome. But there are steps you need to take to achieve such turn around that brings about success.

  1. Don’t murmur, hold onto your confession of faith.
  2. Praise God through it all
  3. Forgive and pray for those that have hurt you
  4. When victory comes, don’t boast.

I hope this comforts and gives you strength. See you on the other side called – VICTORY.

Ngee & Rich
Founders - Keeping Marriage Alive Initiative.
Will two people walk together unless they have agreed to do so?” Amos 3:3 (CEB)

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