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on Monday, 27 June 2016.

Hello, we are back again and we are discussing “MIND YOUR BUSINESS”.

To interpret this topic accurately, we have to understand what business is

-         Business is anything we do that has an expected goal or profit.


Working – Expected goalSalary = BUSINESS

Life – Expected goalgrowth, marriage, children = BUSINESS

Marriage – Expected goalcompanionship, friendship = BUSINESS

Children – Expected goalgrowth, take their place in society = BUSINESS

In conclusion we are saying that anything we are doing and anticipating an expected goal is called a business.  LIFE ITSELF IS A BUSINESS.

When we say mind your business, we are simply saying, how have you tended to every area of your life and have you been able to achieve your expected goal?

If you haven’t then, it simply means that you haven’t minded your business as you should.


1.     Identifying what area of life we want an improvement and the expected goal/dividend/profit that we will get from it.

2.     Take it back to God in prayers – for more understanding and light on the situation.

3.     * VERY IMPORTANT – TAKE/MAKE OUT TIME TO SPEAK TO THE BUSINESS EVERYDAY. Very few people understand the power of speaking into their situation.


on Monday, 04 July 2016.

Hi beautiful people, on my bed resting and I began to think of relationship and marriage which is my passion and I decided to share what I have learnt in this few years of love and living together.

If anybody had met us 12 years ago at the beginning of our journey, everyone would have voted us in as the ‘least likely to succeed in marriage’.

Boy! Were we different, I was an extrovert to a degree; my hubby was an introvert to a bigger degree. It’s safe to say that the only thing we had in common was

-         Our fear of God

-         Commitment to the institution of marriage

(Hear me; we were not even in love!)

My hubby proposed after one week and after one month I agreed. Then began our journey of laughter, shock (we knew nothing of each other), pain, distrust and now LOVE.

One thing I recognised in our marriage and I see prevalent in most marriages (couples) is the anger we feel, when we notice we are different.

Oh! How I wanted my husband to just see life through my eyes and believe you me my husband tried so many times to mould me into the ‘perfect wife’ of his dreams’.

Did it work? Nah! Then came the friction, the hateful words and decision to separate and move ahead.

We decided to try one more time by identifying our problem.

Problem- Differences, nothing in common!

We decided to relax and not look at our differences as the problem; rather we began to see our differences as our UNIQUENESS.

Wow! What a change it brought to our marriage.


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