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on Monday, 13 June 2016.

No matter the distance/destination you are heading to in life, it is just a few steps further from where you are now.

{A conversation between a treasure hunter and his 9 year old son}

Father: Son will you accompany me to go pick some treasures in the field? It promises to be an adventures one…

Son: (Excited) alright dad, How far is it?

Father: Not too far

(After 2 hours of walking, the son asked his father a question)

Son: Dad, aren’t we there yet?

Father: Almost there son, just a little further.

(After enduring the tedious, tiring and unending journey for almost 12 hours, the son asked again)

Son: Dad, how much further is the field? Even the sun has gone to rest after fulfilling its daily duties. Let’s go back home.

Dad: (Sits his son down) Son, some treasures are found just outside ones house, some by the road side but the best of them all are found in the deepest part of the earth, sea and caves. Nothing is much cherished that that which you’ve labored upon. With a bit patience, perseverance, determination and courage, your destination is always just more or less a step further.


on Tuesday, 21 June 2016. Posted in Blog


Undeniably we are influenced by our environment and what we repeatedly see. Actually your body, your spouse, your children and your home are blessings from our creator but how we take care of them shows true gratitude to God for giving them to us.

Your personal hygiene is very important as it forms a standard and shows in the way you take care of your environment too. In marriage, you are the last face your spouse sees at night and the first him or her sees in the morning. What memory of you would you want your spouse to have?

Remember in marriage, your spouse is already attracted to you and you must enhance the appeal by how tidy, clean and desirable you package yourself always. It’s work my dear, but work with amazing rewards.


1.      Eliminate all odour (body and mouth) brush twice a day morning and evening. After the days’ work, have a shower at night. Also after heavy cooking especially for the women have a refreshing clean bath. Applying a body spray would help.

2.      Wear clean and well fitted clothes (women should please avoid tying wrappers remember your man in the course of his work sees ladies dressed corporately and attractively always.

Your environment is also very important and both spouses must work collectively to maintain a clean and tidy environment. The home front if kept dirty would attract insects, roaches, pests and expose everyone in the house to illness. Improper waste disposal and dirty gutters can foster the spread of diseases.

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