Keeping Marriage Alive (KMA) Initiative Annual Report for year 2019.

As we round up and close for the year 2019; we would like to share the highlights of the year, activities and also specially appreciate every one of you for being part of it:

• The year commenced on a strong note with the STAKEHOLDERS (executive board meeting) outlining programs for the year and strategies to achieve them.

• Online programs- #WordForTheDay, Woman and Marriage teaching, Fidelity movement (Maximizingwomanhood and Maximizingmanhood), Habit quote, etc. kicked off the programs for the year in January.

KMA F.I.D.E.L.I.T.Y movement was held in February in the form of exercise at 23Road FHA open field.
The program focused on highlighting the importance of habits in building marriages and ultimately the society. F.I.D.E.L.I.T.Y movement continues trending online through its weekly teachings on our Facebook group.

• The married and the single ladies had a wonderful time together during their ‘Women’s International Day’. They learned, unlearned and had fun together.
The WOMAN and MARRIAGE women had another bonding time in August.

• Our ever eager women also had their WAM Boot camp tagged ‘Self Love‘ in November. Where they were taught the love of God as the ultimate source of Self Love.
The weekly/monthly program ran throughout the year – physically and online. The forum has 30% increase in membership

COUPLES HANGOUT was held at Port Harcourt and Lagos respectively this year.
It was a special romantic time for couples to bond and lighten up as they discussed friendship, sex, love and communication as an important characteristics of building a successful marriage.

KMA FAMILY ALIVE BOOT CAMP 6.0 Edition was hosted at Hi-impact Planet. It was a 3 day event and a delightful family event with lots of memories, legacy and experience shared among families. Booking has commenced for the next Family Alive Boot Camp.
The program comes up every EASTER from Good Friday to Easter Sunday.
FRIDAY 10th – SUNDAY 13th April 2020.

• The singles were not left out as we hosted KMA LOVESKOOL on Sunday 21st July, 2019 tagged ‘B.a.G UP!’
Singles were able to interact, share case studies, play games, had fun, learned and refreshed.
The weekly online case study sessions holds every Thursday via our WhatsApp forum.

• Our wonderful and ever active children had their CHILDREN’S CREATIVE CAMP.
Here they learnt about ‘The Power of Sharing’, understanding the view of parents and understanding the power of education. It was quite interactive, full of fun and learning.

• How can we forget to mention a program that touched the mind of everyone, ‘The Help International Conference’ is both for the married and singles; many lessons were taken home but one lesson stands out –“there is good in everyone if given a chance.”
KMA was ably represented by Ngee at Belgrade, Serbia for the INTERNATIONAL CIVIL SOCIETY WEEK.
COUNSELLING ran throughout the year – physically and online which brought about – reconciliations, weddings and renewal of vows; touching lives across the continents.

2 Sides of the Story book – our couple’s manual was launched in UK early this year; sold in various states in Nigeria and also sold in America.
The Alive Game was played in our various couples event as a way of improving couples communication skills.

• Finally, KMA crowned the year with one of their programs called KMA DIAMONDS EMPOWERMENT, showing love by providing and giving the basic needs/wants to the less privileged people which is one of the attributes of the season.

• Our annual unforgettable KMA ANNIVERSARY/AWARDS program did not hold this year but now holds every 2 years.
The next KMA Anniversary and Awards holds May 2020.
Total number of people reached through our various programs/projects – 5,796 people from our various programs and platform.

• Outside Speaking engagements (Ngee & Rich speaking in other platforms):

– A big thank you to various RCCG parishes that allowed us to share the truth about marriage.

– Meljenstin youth empowerment program

– Face to face with shine

– Marriage Safety Initiative

– The Seraphine Outreach

– Nigeria Network of NGOs

– Violated Females and Widows Foundation

– Bloglow Concepts

– Divinity (Kring) Clinic

– New Fountain School

– Fate Foundation

– Sunfit Hotels and SPA

To our dear esteemed Stakeholders and you our dear friends, we appreciate you for being with us throughout year 2019. Let’s do this again in 2020. TOGETHER WE ARE POWERFUL.

The office opens by 14th January 2020.

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Compiled by:
Abiodun Okeleye
(The Head of Admin.)
Keeping Marriage Alive (KMA) Initiative.

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