Family Pattern 2

Ngee says…

Today, the family pattern story continues. Hope you read family pattern 1 Make sure to go through it, for it will help you in understanding today’s blog.

There is a story of a man- passionate for Christ but was getting tired and burning out because of situations around him. So he sought answers from his mentor and the most surprising thing was the mentor’s reminder to the young man – “remember your faith handed over to you from your grandmother; to your mother and now to you”.

This story is culled from 2Timothy 1:5, Paul’s message to Timothy and it best describes the ‘positive family pattern’.
Grandma Lois’ act of faith, guided her daughter Eunice, who in turn passed on this faith to Timothy.

Rich says…

We all have to decide what we want our family to look like and deliberately put out action plans and cultivate habits to accomplish it.
Herein lies the difference between families and generations that are blessed and those that are cursed.

Many of us live our lives like tomorrow doesn’t matter but few have chosen the narrow road and their children and generations after them are better for it.

Whatever choice we are making today, we should remember that it is producing a pattern for those we love and this pattern could be good or bad.

Ngee & Rich
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“Will two people walk together unless they have agreed to do so?” Amos 3:3 (CEB).

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