Woman and Marriage- International Women’s Day 2019

Woman and Marriage- International Women’s Day.

When women gather with no shame or judgement but love; something deep, enriching, powerful and life-changing happens.

This was exactly what happened on Friday, March 8th, 2019, when Women and Marriage- an arm/project of Keeping Marriage Alive Initiative joined the world to celebrate all women. The theme was ‘Woman Arise’.

We began with a board game which lightened the mood. Next was the case studies, where we shared bluntly on the challenges we are going through and how to tackle these issues to bring about a positive result.

Chioma Emesowum( CEO and founder of Vonne Organics) taught the women how to make special skin soap for the family.

Chioma Nwachukwuba(1st lady) shared her story about living your dream life. Reteriating that our marriage, children and our dreams are all important.

Founder and CEO of Mo’rainbow foundation-Tola Makinde, shared her inspiring story on how gifts can be wrapped differently- like her beautiful daughter, Moyinoluwa, who has downsyndrome but is changing the world.

Ngee -Covener of Woman and Marriage and founder of Keeping Marriage Alive initiative, taught on ‘Woman Arise’:
•Self awareness- who are you?
•Potential- why were you created?
•The process- how will you achieve it?

Ngee left us with this quote -“Everything begins with a knowing. Till you know and understand who you are; you cannot become all you are meant to be.”

A big thank you to:
-Chris Omeruo CEO of Kristal Media for your support and always delivering on beautiful pictures and videos.
-Nkechi Egbunike for your support.
-Nneamaka Ogini (Bloglow concepts) for the juice2go drinks and your support always.
-Ify Ezeobidi for the delicious snacks.
-Babatunde Quazeem for your support.
-Nkem Nzeribe founder of Violated Female and Widows foundation for your support.
-Rich -KMA co-founder who always finds ways to support in various ways. We salute you Sir.
-Onyinye and Abiodun, thank you for what you do behind the scenes to make us look good.

Finally to all women who attended -“don’t forget you are uniquely different and beautiful.”

Take a look👇

Ngee & Rich
Founders of Keeping Marriage Alive Initiative

“Will two people walk together unless they have agreed to do so?” Amos 3:3 (CEB).

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